10 Most Popular Backpacks for Back To School


With Back to School season upon us, the question about most popular backpacks is becoming somewhat of a hot topic not only amongst students, but for parents as well.

School fashion changes every year. Some parents who in their school times have managed to pass through a few years of school with the same backpack will need to change their views swiftly in order to stay relevant.

We have researched Amazon and it appears that the following ten models are the most popular backpacks in 2017. These are the backpacks that have been bought most frequently and that received the most reviewes from verified consumers.

About five brands seem to dominate the Back to School market, although the prices of their products are not always that affordable. Herschel and Fjallraven are the most sought by secondary school students. Sport brands are favorite amongst boys. Girls choices are more diverse with Roxy one of the most bought brands.

Here are the ten most popular backpacks in 2017 and you can purchase any of them by clicking on the following links.


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