What to Wear on New Year’s Eve – Marilyn Monroe or Great Gatsby


12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  and sparkle! You should be the start of this New Year’s eve party.

Unfortunately, you are not alone as every woman wants to be irresistible, different and special. The New Year’s eve party is an occasion when you can experiment, be original and to demonstrate a signature style. Bling is an integral part of the festive evening!

To grab the spotlight, bet beads, combined with thin and transparent fabric ala Great Gatsby style.

The unique vintage flapper dress, hand decorated with beads dress which you can order for $348 is the right choice. providing you have the figure for it. To own vintage items is very exciting. Vintage style today has become an inspiration for many of the biggest names in fashion – Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Valentino. With the unique and complex made dress proposed here, you will look like dressed for a million dollars, while actually the price label shows absolutely accessible to any ordinary person price .It provides you look you love and which can not be surpassed by anything else. With its unique vintage design, this dress will make you feel 12,1,right at 20s of last century. As the dress is transparent, it is compulsory for you to put solid slip under it. You can choose the slip color so as to give the required type of the dress corresponding to the event you are attending .The fabric from which the dress is made is 100% nylon .As there is no zipper , it`s pulled over your head .Because of the complex strings of beads, it must be washed by hand.

Nicole Miller’s disco lame starburst pleated dress which can be purchased for $520 is an elegant women`s dress in disco style , made of polyester fabric with interwoven threads colored yellow gold. The typical handwriting of the designer Nicole Miller is extremely nice colored fabrics used for its collections of women’s dresses. One of the features of these garments is the use of necklines and curves, graphic printing, exciting textures and draping, as well as compliance with the relevant proportions. Independently from whether we should go to fun barbecue party or you need to participate in a very formal event, clothes of Nicole Miller will always guarantee you the feeling that you are dressed in the most appropriate way. The dress we offer you is in her typical style, combining sexuality and classics. At the same time her design was created as a result of inspiration, inspired by a wide range of influences, including films made in the mid-20th century. This gown is typical with rich draping of the fabric from which it is made – also typical technique of Nicole Miller.

Once you chose the charming dress, now you can calmly expect the most cheerful holiday – New Year. And to pay attention to the other not less important details – the arrangement of the table, the selection of champagne and other drinks, the beautiful fireworks and music for dancing until dawn.


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