Hot and Cold Festive Jewelry Pieces


Christmas is a magical time when everyone is in a festive mood. All around us Christmas songs sound and all people are frantically preparing for the holiday. You want to choose something beautiful and original? A stylish jewel would be more than wonderful gift for Christmas and New Year, because there is no one who does not appreciate beautiful and original. Below we offer several options for a gift that you can do through online stores of Amazon.

Ritzy Couture “Twas the Night” Poinsettia Hinged Cuff Bracelet is a very special bangle, an wonderful Christmas gift that you can purchase for $69.This amazing jewel is a creation of renowned designer Esme Hecht and a combination of three Christmas stars one of which is located in the middle and is twice as large .These stars made of enamel mimic the blossoms of mistletoe and are impressive colored in yellow, red and green .The bracelet is uniquely hand painted and decorated with semiprecious beads . Specific sense of humor, style and wit of Esme Hecht are incorporated in it. Except that he delivers aesthetic delight with it, the designer also reminded everyone that life is too short and it is very important for him to be able to have some fun at every opportunity.

Ritzy Couture by Esme Hecht 2.25 ” Crystal Snowflake Dangle Post Earrings is exquisite earrings, very suitable for Christmas gift to the woman next to you, that you can order for $45,70. Their length is 2,25″and the main metal they are made of is Silvertone .Performed in snowflake shape and inlaid with Czech Glass and Swarovski Crystal AB. Each drop earring is stacked with two snowflakes and a triangular iridescent bead. Made by designer Esme Hecht they belong to his Ritzy Couture collection. Each item in this collection is designed to make you smile and to be a true testament to your individuality. Ritzy Couture makes a unique impact, as unique as the women who choose to own it, wear it, and collect it.

The Snowflake Brooch Pin is an elegant ladies brooch adorned with emerald crystals, which you can get for only $34,99. It has a diameter of 5 cm and is from the collection of Crystal Elegance. Richly encrusted with crystals. The large crystals in the center are painted in rich green color and those from the outside are pale green. It is very suitable for a gift as well as for bridal and bridesmaid dresses, for evening wear or that special occasion with that someone special … This is truly a unique and elegant piece of jewelry and will grace any outfit for that perfect evening to give a touch of style and sheer class.

Giving the woman in your life a special piece of jewelry, whether it’s a ring, bracelet or necklace, they’re always a sure fire hit. So, how do you find the very best jewelry options for her? Naturally, we’re here to help with your search.


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