Ultimate Christmas Gift for Parents’ Home, or Yours All The Same


A sixteenth-century Italian replica of old world map globe wine bar? Yes, indeed! Especially if you are fond of wine and classic antiques, such Christmas gift for parents, or grandparents, could be the perfect choice and in the same time a great surprise.

The holiday season is in a full swing, and if you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for parents, you are almost late. Actually, it is not that late for a delivery from Amazon if you order right now. And while there is some time left, you better don’t compromise to settle with simple Christmas gift cards at the end. 

Sometimes it is quite difficult to come up with Christmas gifts ideas when you know the people have almost everything. Still, everyone wants to gift a meaningful present –
 something tangible, something to memorize, and experience … And why not to combine it all together?

The sixteenth-century Italian replica of an old world map globe wine bar is 13” in diameter, floor-standing mobile bar-table on wheels. It is wrapped with old-like world nautical maps, that are a copy of the original ones from the 16th century. Inside the globe is shaped like a secret alcohol camera, designed to hold 3-4 bottles of wine and 5-6 glasses. Because it is equipped with 4 eccentrically attached wheels, it can be easily moved in all directions at home. Perfect for placing at the corner of the room. On one side, outside of the globe, there is an wooden stand in the shape of semi-meridian to the top of which the northern hemisphere is fixed to be used as a cover of the alcohol camera. The bottom side of this stand is attached to the top shelf of the table and fixed by hinge to it, that allows the hemisphere to rise providing access to the bar content. From the inside this hemisphere-lid is decorated with hand-painted replicas of old Italian frescos. This 13 ” diameter “world” is supported firmly on the top of wooden legs, ending with rolling eccentric wheels.

It has also second shelf from the bottom side that provides extra storage space for more bottles and glasses. And for at least one bottle of old Scotch whiskey of course. Because drawing up an appropriate plan to conquer the world would not be possible without a glass of whiskey in hand in the pleasant atmosphere around this elegant bar on the Christmas eve.



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