Christmas Gifts for Little Ones from Oprah’s Favorite Things List


“Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way”

Christmas is coming and the spirit is high. But are you ready with you Christmas gifts for little ones? If you are still shopping and researching gift ideas, look no further than Oprah’s Favorite Things list, which this year is more complete than ever and conveniently available on Amazon.

It is true that the children have a lot of stuff nowadays, but one more soft toy will bring joy. The Jellycat Bashful Hedgehog Medium is a great baby toy, that you can purchase for $22.50. It is made of polyester and filled with plastic pellets, that provide incredible softness making it very pleasant toy for cuddling by children over 12 months. A dose of typical British humor is also built in the Jellycat toys, which makes them very entertaining, grabbing the hearts of children forever. All toys are tested according to the requirements of the European Safety Standard. Also they are safe for all ages. The purity of toys is maintained by opportunely washing with soap, followed by thoroughly rinsing with lukewarm water and dry with hairdryer.

oft16_31-_cb526905196__ac_ux500_sy400_Our second recommendation is for My Audio Pet that you can buy for only $24,99. In fact is a mini Bluetooth wireless speaker that will enable little ones to listen to their favorite music, podcasts, or shows. It also functions as a selfie remote and has hands-free capabilities. To connect the My Audio Pet to your Bluetooth devices, you must press a button in the bottom of the voice speaker. When a blue flashing light appeared this will mean that it is in a search mode. You have to select the Bluetooth setting. Thus you begin to search your Bluetooth devices. When the “BM6” pops up, you should choose to make a connection between the My Audio Pet and your Bluetooth mobile devices. In carrying out the connection, the blue light starts to flash slower. Now you can listen to music or to activate the camera by the power button. this novelty arrives completed with: 1 animal Bluetooth speaker, 24 “USB to Mini USB charging cable, 7” lanyard and Instruction booklet.

oft16_48-_cb527119133__ac_ux500_sy400_The cutest Christmas gift on Oprah’s list next idea is the Burt’s Bees pyjamas set, which is perfect for girls and women of all ages. These pyjamas represent the Christmas mood in a very pleasant way. Who doesn’t like to stay in bed until midday during their winter holiday? The feeling when you wake up late and drink your coffee in pyjamas is well known all over the world.
These pajama sets are made of natural earth-friendly materials. The set for children and babies is really soft and 100 % organic, so your kid will feel pleasant all night long.

Burt’s Bees pyjamas collection is inspired by the spirit of togetherness that rules the Christmas season. Its purpose is to make everyone feel free, happy and relaxed. Whether it’s the soft and plush organic knit terry of the bath collection or the sweet baby ribbed cotton of the basics layette collection, each piece feels so wonderful against the sensitive skin.

Oprah’s choice of Christmas gifts for little ones is not that rich. There are no LEGO sets or dolls, but the few picks the list are cute and practical in the same time. 


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