Christmas Gifts for Techies from Oprah’s Favorite Things List


Every holiday season, we anticipate the arrival of Oprah’s Favorite Things list, the curated list of the media mogul’s must-have Christmas gifts is featured on Amazon. This year, Oprah’s picks for techies are quite unique, although practical, but also pricey.

So, if you are looking for Christmas gifts for techies, we have chosen three products that will not disappoint them.

oft16_tile_2x_91-_cb277266489_Avegant Glyph – Video Headset compact portable virtual cinema is the gadget that you will need on a long journey, when you will have plenty of free time. At first glance, the device resembles an audio headset. Actually two special small mirror virtual display with 1280×720 resolution for each eye are embedded within its framework . The concept is quite original. Through one million micro mirrors Glyph projects image directly onto the retina of the eyes. In this way they do not get tired during long use. The company says that during the tests no user experienced any problems with the Glyph.

The device can be used as an ordinary headphone as well. It also has a microphone for voice chats. This gadget has HDMI, micro USB and 3.5mm jack and could be connected to almost any smartphone, tablet, drone, or gaming console. You can have this amazing GLYPH for the handsome amount of $549.

oft16_tile_2x_61-_cb527633932_Our next recommendation is for the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device – Black. It is the first smart home security device. The gadget is designed not to attract attention, but to look more like a modernist decorative work than security system. Actually Canary is a HD 1080p camera, plus 147 wide-angle lens, microphone and hundreds of sensors built in it.  It has night vision mode and can work at any time of the day. It`s able to detect motion in the room and then takes some protective actions, depending on the wishes of the owners. If the device`s sensed movement, it sends a signal to the phone of the owner through a an app wich is available for on Android and iOS smartphones. The owner can choose what action to take – to leave the unit just to record the activity or to release deafening alarm to scare criminals or to call the police. Canary, except as a security system against thieves, also serves as fire protection system . The device is capable of measuring the ambient temperature, humidity and air purity. So, if it feels the room gets smoked, immediately signals about it. You can buy this gadget for $159,99 now.

oft16_55-_cb527121867__ac_ux500_sy400_Our third preferred choice from Oprah’s Favorite Things list is for Raden smart suitcases. As you lift them, the right weight is displayed on your smartphone screen. The weight limits for most airlines in the world are introduced in the software, so you will get valuable information if you are close to the limit.

The smart suitcases have two USB ports for powering your devices. The energy comes from a portable battery with a capacity of 7800mAh in the suitcase. The smart suitcases have Bluetooth, thanks to which you can find them if they are in the range of your smartphone.

A22 (56 cm height, weight 3.7 kg) is suitable for hand luggage and A28 (71 cm; 5.6 kg) for check in. Prices are in the range from $295 to $395.

There are quite a few more innovative products on Oprah’s Favorite Things list suitable for Christmas gifts for techies, but the above three are our favorite and surely they will not disappoint early technology adopters.


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