Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List from Oprah’s Favorite Things


Black Friday is ahead of us and the influx of incredible deals and noteworthy gift guides continues with no end in sight. Oprah posted her iconic list of “Favorite Things” on Amazon and there are a number of interesting Christmas gifts there for all ages. So whether or not you’re looking for some fancy new kitchen cookware or some interesting Bluetooth speakers, there’s something in Oprah’s list for everyone.

This year, the ever-growing Christmas gifts guide is 108 products deep, and if you take a look at Oprah’s page on Amazon, it’s easy to browse through the listed gifts based on any number of categories, including tech and gifts for food lovers.

The full list of items on Oprah’s 2016 Favorite Things list can be viewed over here, but we’ve highlighted a few of the more intriguing products to save you a bit of time. To be fair, you won’t find any amazing sale prices here, but if you’re looking for great Christmas gifts ideas that have Oprah’s vaunted stamp of approval, the list is well worth exploring.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-2-29-22-pmYou can find a Fringe key ring by Em John which is personalized, so everyone who wears it will feel famous and stylish. It comes in different colors and all the letters from the alphabet are available. This is a suitable for everyone Christmas gift that is in the same time affordable and stylish. You can even combine a few key rings and make a name, so the gift becomes more personal.

The key ring is cute and stylish, and every girl would like it as well as women of all ages. 

oft16_11-_cb526599880__ac_ux500_sy400_Our second recommendation for Christmas gift suitable for everyone on your list is the DROP Bottle which is a bit pricey at $40 for a water bottle. Made of borosilicate glass that should be well treated, it makes the best drink for your day. You only need to fill it with water and add a few slices of your favorite fruit, and your fresh drink is ready.

The capacity of the bottle is 500 ml, so you can enjoy your fruity drink for at least a few hours. It is easily portable and you can take it with you everywhere – at the gym, at work or to school. 

It is a great gift for kids or for even for a couple, or just for you. What sounds better than a fresh homemade fruit juice? 

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-2-46-35-pmOn the healthy living topic, our third recommendation last proposal is the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker. It counts calories when you run, climb or just walk. It is also useful in the gym. The Fitbit fitness band is a great Christmas gift for sport lovers or for children to keep them interested in sports. Fitbit Alta is available in a great variety of colors, so you will undoubtedly find your preferred one. Also, you can find accessories designed specially for it, so you can adorn it to look more stylish. Click here to see our choice.

The wireless fitness tracker stays connected with your phone 24 hours per day via Bluetooth for more convenience and is compatible with computers, 200 + iOS, Android and Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. The bracelet synchronize to computers by using a USB port.

Rest assured, these Christmas gifts are pretty convenient, innovative and not that expensive to oblige. Most people would be pleased to get such Christmas gifts.


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