Best Pretend Play Toys for Christmas Gifts


Christmas is the season of giving and Christmas gifts are on the top of everyone’s shopping list. Children are always eagerly awaiting surprises and if you don’t have fresh ideas how to impress them this year, have a look at our recommendations for best pretend play toys that are new and very cute.

Pretend play toys are vital in developing your kid’s imagination. Usually by age three, children begin to talk about imaginary friends and made-up scenarios. Parents usually get a good laugh from such tales, but pretend play provides so much more than humor for grown-ups.

paw-patrol-zoomer-marshallOur third recommendation is the very popular Zoomer Marshall Interactive Pup. At the price of $88.00, it is also suitable for both- girls and boys. It seems just like a real puppy as it moves and acts so realistically. It can say more that 150 real Paw Patrol phrases and make different sounds. With more than 80 interesting missions and tricks, the doggy is a really great entertainer. It is suitable for 3+ and requires 4 AA batteries (not included). The Zoomer Marshall Interactive Pup was the most popular toy of 2015.

zoomer-chimpOur next recommendation is for the newly released Zoomer Chimp, up for grab for $59.99 (saving $60.00), which suitable for both- girls and boys. It is a great Christmas gift, especially for kids who love animals and nature, as it is somewhat realistic and brings the sense that they are really in the jungle.

The Zoomer Chimp is like a real one as it rolls and flips and stands on his own. Moreover, you can make him follow you, as well and he will walk after you wherever you go. It makes the best company ever, even in the park.

Zomer Chimp understands 10 easy-to – remember commands like ¨Stand¨, ¨Flip¨, ¨Let´s Dance¨, ¨Chimp Talk¨ and ¨Go Bananas¨. Designed with Progressive Play, your Chimp will always respond you in a different way. Your friend has its own life and always shows you how he feels by changing the color of his eyes. It works with 1 LiPo battery which is included and is suitable for ages 5+.

paw-patrol-zoomer-skyeStill in time for Christmas, for only $82.99 you can order Paw Patrol, Zoomer Skye. It is an interactive pup with missions, sounds and phrases, developed by Spin Master. This very cute little doggy is the ultimate Christmas gift for a little girl and she will be undoubtedly very happy to receive it. Moreover, the toy can substitute at least for a while the real puppy every kid wants.

The Paw Patrol Puppy is very much like a real one as it can make more than 80 attractive tricks and is able to say more than 150 different phrases and sounds. It works with 4 AA batteries (not included at the package). This doggy could become your kid´s best friend. And more, unleash imagination, the puppy has wings on its back so she can use them to fly like a fairy and entertain. The toy is suitable for children at the age of three and above.

All of these best pretend play toys are available on Amazon and you can find many more here.


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