Three Books for Happier Life


You don’t have to be in the middle of a midlife crisis to reassess your core values and daily attitude. In fact, the earlier you refocus your mindset – the better for you.

Three books for happier life caught our attention among Amazon’s Bestsellers in the Self-Help category. Although quite different, the three together can influence core values change to the better you. Moreover, you can choose between various reading formats, but the best way to get to the end is by listening to the audiobooks. Right now, with a free 30-days trial of Audible you can download 2 for free.

51ob5qgqpwlThe New Good Life by John Robbins revolves around the concept that money is a mean for living, but not the meaning of life.

Why should we sell our happiness, health and time becoming servants of greed? Happiness, family and health is the sense of our existence, the author proclaims.

Carrier may get lost, money may disappear, the luxury life may result in a lie. We should learn to enjoy our days because life’s too short to be neglected. At its end we will understand how much the family needed us when all we were thinking about was money. Don’t let your life disappear, take advantage of every instant of it and just live.

61xi7hnlurlThe Spender’s Guide To Debt-Free Living  narrates the story of blogger Anna Newell Jones who found herself in devilish debts. Then was when she realized she could rely on no one but herself. And she puts herself in actions. In only 15 months she got rid of a great amount of debt.  Her life changed when she turned into a sensible spender. She was interviewed by Forbes and she spoke about the obstacles she left behind.

Many people found themselves inspired by Anna to rethink the way they spend money. And the most important Anna made us understand is that life is a lot better without debt. And one feels better when money are wisely spent.

The third recommendation about books for happier life focuses on the power of habits. Because our habits finally determine our destiny. They may shoot us to success, but they may destroy us too. Habits are being investigated by scientists in laboratories. How do they work and where exactly in our brains do they live. How can they make us successful and how can we provide them to help us.

Why some companies are able to turn into empires while others are struggling in vain? The response is – habits, changing habits!

51ejxdscenl-_aa300_The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business  by  Charles Duhigg retells the way a company turned into an empire earning a billion of dollars a year. You may ask who shot the company to the moon. People! People who changed their mind and opened it to try new things and ways of work. And it resulted successful. They are selling the product called Freeze due to finding new ways of working and moreover- new ways of thinking.

The Power of Habits reveals us the secret of our own force. How can we train our brain so that one day our brain brings us to success.

These three books for happier life are not so typical and in reality are a lot more powerful. Because your life is in your hands. In depends on you if you will wander all life long, or if you will become the master of your universe.

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