LEGO Gingerbread House could be a perfect Christmas gift


For first time in the history of building sets, a LEGO Gingerbread House is now readily available in stores, right in time for the holiday shopping. It is somewhat coquettish and cute, and it could be a perfect Christmas gift especially for little girls.


The LEGO Gingerbread House building set is designed for seven years old and above, and it might be also interesting for their mothers, too. It is build on the base of four  6×6 studs, colorful roof and windows, made from colored semitransparent bricks. Altogether, the LEGO Gingerbread House has 277 pieces. Every one of them is different and has its own place.

They are colorful sweets all over the house, including on the roof. The little house could be a heart-touching surprise for a little girl. It is brand new and it brings new ideas of games, and also brings more coziness as a piece of decor in a child´s room.

The roof is pretty colorful and decorated by round sweets. It even possible to open the door. There are some decorative elements on the floor such as walkway, and pies for breakfast.  A mailbox is included in the set, as well. A great variety of small decorations, scattered around the house, brings more Christmas feeling. The little LEGO Gingerbread House is generously adorned with candies, lollipop, snacks, and  sweets. Every single detail you may think off when it comes to a real Gingerbread House, is readily available.


Such a coquettish little Gingerbread house could bring a lot of joy while building it and during the entire holiday season. Moreover, it could be built together with friends and rebuilt allover again during the coming holiday seasons.

The LEGO Gingerbread House as a Christmas gift will be well appreciated by every little girl who enjoys pretty things and homemaking. In case you are looking for some other toys, you should check Amazon’s 2016 Toys list here.


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