Drone Filming in UAE by Chopper Shoot


UAE has been world leader in adapting and embracing the Drone Technology for filming and industrial use. The Dubai Civil Aviation and General Civil Aviation Authority of UAE have rolled out string of registration process of owning a drone for personal and professional use, and clear guidelines of safe fly zone and no fly zones. Complete registration process is online, and quick customer service has proved drone registration successful.

In UAE any Drone flown for personal or professional use needs to have liability Insurance, and Drone operator should have certificate of Training.

Filming in Dubai with a drone requires permit from Dubai Film Commission, Ministry of Defense and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, and you must run a business of Aerial Filming to be able to apply for the permits. The process is quick but cumbersome.

Chopper Shoot Productions has been operating in UAE since 10 years and own fully insured Drones of various class that can lift small to large format filming and DSLR cameras and provides Drone and Helicopter Filming Services.

Chopper Shoot services includes obtaining all required permits to enable Aerial Filming, team of full time certified Drone Operators with over 5 years of experience and US$1,500,000.00 Liability insurance.

Dubai with a city of skyscrapers and mega construction progress. The real scale of projects Dubai is working on can only be witnessed by view from Sky.


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