What to Wear at a Concert?


Have you ever gone to a concert and felt like everyone is staring at you merely because you’re not dressed properly? That’s a common mistake many of us tend to make – a pop concert may not be as special an event as a wedding, but still, your outfit needs to be corresponding. There are different types of concerts with different requirements, so to avoid uncomfortable situations you need to know what to wear on each one of them.

Your regular party wear may not be appropriate for every type of concert as there are very different styles of music, which are characterized by different cultures, subcultures and atmospheres, where the looks are essential.

Pop concert

The options here are endless, but maybe the best guide to your outfit should be the the performers themselves! Is it a Beyonce’s, Katy Perry’s or One Direction’s concert? It doesn’t have to be someone so famous coming to town to make you dress up. There are two important rules here – that you look fun, and that your clothes are comfy enough, so you can dance to your favourite hits. Choose anything that is on-trend from feminine floral dresses to tight leggings, heels and a fun top, to skinny jeans, Uggs, or leather. Add jewelry, lots of accessories, some fabulous bling (think metallic handbags, beaded flats or heels) – anything that is ultra-popular right now. Don’t forget the perfect hair and makeup. A few essential pieces for every pop concert are:

  • Chic sunglasses
  • Super stylish designer bag
  • High heels

Rock concert

There are more requirements when attending a rock/punk/metal concert. If that’s your first rock show, try to keep in line with the certain subgenre, so you can blend in with the audience. Is it a blues rock concert, a neo-punk or a hardcore show? It can be very confusing for first-timers, but to make it simple, we’ll tell you one of the basic rules – rock fans mix feminine and masculine pieces in their outfit. Metal band T-shirts are very popular, but don’t wear the shirt for the band you are seeing. Instead, choose another band, or better – a black T-shirt or a tank top. Good options are simple jeans, black leather pants, a miniskirt (plaid skirt paired with fishnet tights for a punk show), combat boots, sneakers, leather jackets, all-black ensembles and tons of accessories. And here’s what will always work at a rock concert:

  • Casual jeans and T-shirt look with lots of jewelry (leather studded cuffs, studded bangles, silver or stainless steel earrings and rings)
  • Military boots
  • Leather motorcycle jacket

Country concert

If you are headed to a country music show, you will need either a nice pair of jeans or a pretty dress. The amazing thing here is that they both work great with cowgirl boots in natural colour. Choose a floral dress, flowing fabrics, or ruffly cuts – you need something light-hearted, playful, feminine and ultra-casual. Summer dresses, maxi dresses or maxi skirts are very appropriate, but avoid miniskirts or anything really sexy. Denim is the most popular trend when it comes to country music, so jeans can come in different styles, colours and fits. You can wear anything from denim skirts, to skinny jeans, jean shorts and to jean jackets. And although it’s common look on country concerts, avoid the all-denim outfit – it’s simply not as stylish as most fans would love. These will be great for every country music show:

  • Cowboy boots and hats; denim
  • Ruffles, lace, bows
  • Delicate, feminine jewelry – charm bracelets, natural-looking necklaces, studs
  • Natural hairstyles, braids, while the makeup is kept to a minimum

Rap and Hip Hop concert

The dress code is totally relaxed at a hip hop concert, so you can wear almost anything you like. If you need a more active, casual look, put on a fun, colourful T-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of bright sneakers. Bright colours and bold items that will stand out are always great – skinny jeans, leggings, ripped jeans, fitted tops in pink, blue, orange and purple will be great. Tops with flashy prints, one-shoulder blouses and anything bold and bright is appropriate. Add a gold or chrome leather jacket for a true hip-hop style. Your look should be fun, bold, sexy and even cheesy, completed with chrome and jewelry with diamonds or rhinestones, oversized gold hoop earrings, huge chain necklaces, and so on. There are lots of things to try, but these will be always great at a rap or hip hop concert:

  • Footwear is either trendy sneakers (even designers’ pieces) or sexy high heels
  • Hair always stands out, you need either over-pumped hairstyle, a high bun, or a high ponytail

Classical concert

Typically, people consider classical concerts more formal events that have a strict etiquette and dress code. And while there are certain rules on how to behave, you can wear pretty much anything you like. The general rule is simply choosing something slightly dressier or even business-appropriate clothing. However, you can see everything from pants and coats to cocktail dresses. Some events, which are extremely formal and rare, will require black tie, but it’s highly unlikely that you go to such a concert if you are just a regular music lover. You are welcome to dress up though, making a really special night of it. Just be careful not to show up in jeans and running shoes or a ball gown – everything in between should be fine. And some essentials to remember before going to an opera, a symphony, a concerto or a chamber music concert:

  • Don’t make noise during a performance – turn off your phone if you have to and keep the chats to a minimum
  • To know what’s the music about, get the programme notes or you can even get the libretto

The most important thing when going to a concert is to enjoy the music, the shared experience and the unique atmosphere of the live music performances. However, stay stylish and on-trend wherever you go, choosing not only elegant and occasion-friendly outfits, but also comfortable ones.


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