Arab region most affected by climate change


Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, the Speaker of the Arab Parliament, has said the parliament remains focused on the protection of the environment, which is part of its sustainable development agenda, in a bid to address the climate change that threatens the entire planet, in general, and the Arab region, in particular.

Speaking at the Bahrain International Conference on Environmental Protection, Al Jarwan said, “The Arab region is one of the regions most affected by the climate change. This makes it imperative to work harder to avert the adverse effects brought on by the climate change through the introduction of alternative energy.” He cited the effects of climate change in the Arab region, including drought, desertification and its impact on food and water security, as well as damage to the economic and social achievements.

Al Jarwan stressed the need to adopt and implement procedures and long-term strategic development plans to address the climate change, protect the environment and consolidate the principles of sustainable development, in line with the priorities of Arab countries, and to achieve sustainable development goals for 2030.

He further explained that the means of implementation of environmentally-friendly projects require financial support, not from international funding, but also all sectors in each Arab country must take steps to achieve the sustainable development. Al Jarwan pointed out that Arab economic integration “is an opportunity for Arab countries to increase inter-Arab trade through free trade, elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers.”

The Arab Parliament speaker also called for sustainable investment in technological projects and scientific research which promotes Arab integration, so as to benefit from numerous capabilities and potentials within the Arab countries. Further, he pointed out to the need for the Arab League to follow up on the implementation of sustainable development and protection of the environment.


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