Not Losing Weight? Here is why


If you are not losing weight, there must be some valid reason you should eliminate. It could be related to your habits, your body, your mindset and so on.

It can be frustrating to work so hard only to hit a major wall. After weeks of progress, suddenly you’re seeing the same number reflected on the scale or the same fit in your clothes. What does this fact tell you?

There are plenty of habits that could be sabotaging your progress. You just may not recognize them. Below are a few surprising reasons your weight-loss goals are stalling.

1. You’re prioritizing exercise over diet.

Many people believe that they can indulge in a few more scoops of ice cream after an intense gym session — a method of thinking that does more harm than good. The truth is, healthy bodies are made in the kitchen. Research shows that diet is slightly more important than exercise when it comes to a healthy weight loss transformation, although both are crucial overall.

2. You’re not sleeping enough.

Getting proper rest can improve every aspect of your life — including the number on the scale. Research shows that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. Rack up Zs to help drop pounds.

3. You’re chained to your desk.

A sedentary workday could be destroying your weight loss goals without you even realizing it. Studies show that sitting for an exorbitant amount of time at work can lead to weight gain. Try prioritizing breaks, scheduling mobile meetings and even going for a longer walk at lunchtime. Bonus: There are huge well-being perks to gain from the activity as well.

4. You have an underlying mental health issue.

Research suggests that mental health conditions like depression can lead to changes in appetite, which can result in weight gain. If you’re feeling more than just a general sadness and it’s a feeling that persists, check in with a medical professional. Other symptoms include a loss of motivation and low energy.

5. You’re opting for diet soda.

Diet soda lures you with the promise of being a healthier option, but that’s hardly the case. Research shows that calorie-free, artificially-sweetened drinks may actually contribute to weight gain and increase cravings for real sugar. Opt for water instead.


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