Prime Day Top Sellers: Amazon Echo and Fire TV


Amazon Echo, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will be the best selling products during Amazon’s Prime Day hours. Prime members might be able to get Amazon Echo for $99 only, while the Fire TV will cost $69. The other one-day only discounts include:

Shoppers and retail analysts may have expected that Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets will be as usual the top selling products, but Amazon’s 2015 mega sales will take a different turn.

Various models of the Kindle readers have been available for purchase to consumers for a few years by now. Nearly every devoted reader has at least one Kindle device, 10 Kindle books and a few accessories from Amazon’s Kindle store to “complete the experience”. There have been numerous very tempting special offers during the past Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The novelty element has somewhat faded by now.

CJ475UAUMAA6xY0When it comes to the Fire tablets, the sales perspectives are even grimier, as tablet sales are on the decline during the past few years. In addition, there are so many tablet models with different parameters and from different brands, that consumers are confused by the rich choice, while the Fire tablets do not stand out of the crowd with outstanding characteristics.

amazon-echo-product-photos-17But none of the above is the case when you consider Amazon Echo. The device is hardly compatible to any other connected device and it has been recently upgraded to offer more services than ever. In addition, Amazon started shipping the new product on the 14th of July and shoppers do not have to wait to receive it. The original price is $179.99, but during the Prime Day sale consumers may expect to grab it for $99 only, which is a great value for money. Amazon Echo was first unveiled to a few consumers by invitation only during the fourth quarter of 2014 for the price of $99.

Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick have become a necessity to nearly every family home in the US. The Fire TV Stick, which will be offered for $24 only during Prime Day is a very convenient personal electronic for travelers, young professionals on the move and expats. Both devices are continuous #1 Best Sellers on Amazon’s lists.


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