Most Popular Laptop for Students


During Black Friday you can find thousands of best deals on laptops. Now is the time to save 35% on Samsung Chromebook 3 and get is for just $ 149.00. Many people recognized the Chromebook computers and today they are one of the bestselling laptops on Amazon.

Teachers, students, companies and ordinary people say they can do most of their work with a Chromebook devices without worrying. So they do not have to choose between a computer that can work well, and one that can afford. They just need to buy a Chromebook. Chromebook laptops are convenient and cheap, reliable and long battery life, because it does not require powerful hardware. They use Chrome OS operating system and provide you with easy webbrowsing.You can install your Chromebook laptop each of 1,5 million Android apps directly from google PlayStore. All applications such as email, Facebook or another website easily opened with one click. No need for settings and you just have to sign in at Google. Charging does not require much time.Just open your laptop and wait for a while.Chromebooks sync with your Android phone and tablet, and wherever you are when you log into your Google, all your information is to be available, even if your laptop does not. Security features are built in, which ensures that you are protected from viruses and malware.

Furthermore Chromebook automatically receives free updates. Feel free to watch news and movies during breakfast in the kitchen without worrying that coffee or juice could be spilled on your laptop, thanks to the waterproof performance of keyboard and battery. Battery provides 11 hours working without need of recharging. Even after 3-hour continuous use of the laptop, the battery keeps the majority of its capacity. Great opportunities of AirDroid connectivity allows you to see calls, SMS and other notifications received from your other Android devices, on the screen of your Chromebook 3. Little Bridge, through proven historical stories helps your children to continuously improve their English Language. The laptop loads quickly, runs smoothly and has the necessary space and together with RAM memory of 4 GB and the Intel Celeron processor it enables you to perfect execution of tasks in the office for the whole day. The proposed model XE500C13-K02US has the following main specifications: RAM 4 GB SDRAM,Max Screen Resolution 1366×768 pixels, Graphics Coprocessor Intel Integrated Graphics, Wireless Type 802.11, Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1, Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. 


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