Amazon Echo Now Available to All and Much Better


Amazon Echo is one of the few connected devices that work exactly as advertised. And with the time it is only getting better! We wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon Echo becomes the No.1 selling gadget during Black Friday 2015.

The connected device that combines the abilities of Siri and a bluetooth speaker in a 9.25-inch tall cylinder, is now available for anyone to buy if they have $179.99. It is absolutely worth it not only if you have a collection stored on Amazon cloud.  If you are not very familiar, keep reading to see if this product, which ships July 14, makes sense for you.

Amazon Echo was first available for purchase in December, and was the first wave of people who were invited had the opportunity to purchase the product at a special $99 rate for Amazon Prime members. According to users, Amazon Echo works very well, compared to other voice recognition devices. Still at that time, Amazon only linked it to its services and the Bing search engine. But since February this year, however, Amazon has opened up to developers and the device shows promise as a voice-activated home automation control, a way to order products online, and a convenient link to some cloud services such as Google and If This Then That.


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