ProTenders Empowers Construction Companies to go Mobile


ProTenders launches mobile version of its platform enhancing visibility for customers

ProTenders, the U.A.E based e-bidding and marketing platform for the construction industry has launched the mobile version of its Company Profile product to help businesses find the right partner and increase their bottom line.

The mobile optimized directory is a first for the region and demonstrates ProTenders ongoing commitment to delivering usable B2B services that can be accessed from anywhere on any device at any time.

“ProTenders is a platform that has been used by banks, developers and consultants from 2009 to process bids worth more than $12 billion. Our new mobile Company Profile product now enables our customers to consolidate their search and engagement activities in one platform, and at their convenience” commented Karim Helal, CEO and Co-Founder of ProTenders.

To date, more than 18,000 companies have profiles on ProTenders, and the site attracts more than 100,000 page views per month. Companies who actively maintain their profile and take the time to fill in comprehensive information, receive four times more profile views than others.  Information fields include a company description, business activity, team members, qualifications, certifications and a list of projects, all presented in an easy to use visual format.  Multiple data points allow clients to search by greater levels of detail to identify the right partner for them in a fraction of the time; for example, it is easy to retrieve a list of all piling contractors who have worked on hospitality projects in Dubai with a value of over $100 million in just a few clicks.

Searching for the right construction partner and subsequently engaging with them has traditionally been very time consuming, as it requires a lot of information collection from different platforms. Digital penetration in the construction sector is quite low, and third party directories, both free and paid do not adequately represent the most important information that clients need in order to make an informed decision.

Based on findings from its annual construction report, most construction companies are struggling to keep up with marketing trends and continue to rely on paper based brochures and presence at trade shows. The ProTenders mobile solution allows firms to have an “always on” presence and has been designed with the needs of each stakeholder in mind. There are also a series of moderation elements that ensure data quality. In order to be able to list a project that a company has been involved in, that company needs to be vouched for by at least two other companies that participated in the project.

ProTenders release of its mobile solution coincides with Google’s latest update that favours companies that have a mobile optimized website. “Most B2B companies are still using Flash on their websites or other outdated technologies that aren’t keeping up with market trends. The most important trend is the growth in mobile traffic, which accounts for about 25% of internet traffic here. This means that a huge amount of potential customers are never addressed and marketing dollars are going to waste” said Alexandra Tohme, VP of Marketing for ProTenders.

“Keeping up to speed with the ever changing digital world is time consuming and can be costly whether you have an in house team or outsource to a third party. Using ProTenders’ software as a service platform, companies of all sizes can have an equal presence in the market at a fraction of the cost.”

Karim Helal, CEO and Co-founder of added, “What we’re really doing here is exponentially increasing the competitiveness of an organization by eliminating manual and laborious tasks distributed over people and systems. We’re also adding value to the industry as a whole by providing a single platform where you get consistent and well-designed information, whenever you want and on any device.  Technology is starting to take a greater presence in the construction industry for other processes like BIM and mobile facilities management, but until now there hasn’t been a similar technological leap to address the business development and marketing needs of companies”


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