‘Vilal Housing’ to Deliver 50 Residential Villas By 2024


‘Vilal Housing’, a trademark specialized in the development of residential homes in the UAE, has revealed the design and construction plans for 50 residential villas, scheduled to be delivered in 2024.

The company underscores that the timely delivery of these housing units to its UAE citizens clients will play a crucial role in addressing the increasing demand for housing in the country.

The company said that it offers design and construction services to its clients with the utmost quality and competitive prices, completing projects within a timeframe not exceeding 15 months.

This comprehensive process begins from the initial phase of design and extends seamlessly to the final stage of delivery. The company achieves this through its certified engineering consulting offices and contracted companies. ‘Vilal Housing’ ensures the strict adherence of the projects with specified requirements, designs, prices, and agreed-upon schedules by employing a specialized team for construction auditing, supervision, and on-site inspection.

Ghaith Al Hashemi, Manager of the Customer Relations Center at ‘Vilal Housing’ emphasized that that delivery of 50 villas underscores the company’s dedication to delivering top-quality services at competitive rates, aligning with the visionary leadership’s goal of enabling Emirati families to attain suitable housing.

Al Hashemi further stated, “We take pride in successfully executing the initial phase of homes for UAE citizens, adhering to specified standards and timelines, thus enhancing ‘Vilal Housing’s’ standing within the national housing sector.”

‘Vilal Housing’ provides comprehensive project management services for housing projects, catering to citizens who have acquired residential plots through various entities and housing programs in the country.

The company constructs homes on allocated lands, incorporating luxurious and elegant designs while ensuring cost-effectiveness and high quality.

Commitment to meeting specified timelines and budgets is a priority for ‘Vilal Housing’. Besides, the company collaborates with multiple banks to offer diverse financing options, enabling clients to benefit from flexible repayment plans, extended timelines, and competitive interest rates.

In an effort to strengthen partnerships and enhance performance, ‘Vilal Housing’ has introduced the “Shareek” platform that enables suppliers and service providers to present their offerings to ‘Vilal Housing’ clients and take advantage of opportunities available on the platform.

The primary goal of the platform is to improve transparency and efficiency in tender and procurement processes offering housing solutions that align with customer needs at competitive prices.


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