Arab Fashion Council launches its activities in the Region


An elite group of the fashion system pioneers has launched the Arab Fashion Council, which aims to promote Arab fashion designers in the international fashion market, and enhance the culture and system of the Arab fashion industry in the region.

Recently, the Arab Fashion Council signed with Cavaliere Mario Boselli to be the Honorary President of the Arab Fashion Council. Cav Boselli is one of the most prominent figures with a history of success and achievements in the fashion industry worldwide, and handled several leading roles such as; the President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, and the President of the Milan International Fair.

The Arab Fashion Council is the largest non-profit fashion organization in the Arab World representing the 22 Arab countries. It was established as an international non-governmental entity, including companies and Arab talents in the fashion industry.

The Arab Fashion Council’s main objective is to position the Arab World on the international fashion map, where the Arab Fashion Council’s strategy is to adopt and develop global standards, elevate the talents of Arab designers’ academic studies, and contribute to the development of culture by establishing an Arabic fashion system.

The Arab Fashion Council takes the United Arab Emirates as the hub for its operations, due to its prestigious location in the world. Arab Fashion Council’s highest management consist of the Council’s Board of Directors and Advisors who manage and organize the activities of the council, including the developments of strategic plans, selecting the Honorary President of the council, symbolizing prominent figures of the Arab countries, and the Fashion Ambassadors to represent the board around the world, in addition to the Associated Members of fashion, Talents, Companies working in the fashion designing industry, and the Board of Deputies elected by the members to represent them in the council.

With its business alliances the Arab Fashion Council are committed to nurturing the development of the talented designers and young industry professionals through educational initiatives, and in providing support and resources for them to flourish in the market.

By partnering with selected group of professional organizations, the Arab Fashion Council’s is able to promote a variety of professional business, educational seminars, workshops, courses, competitions and trips covering topics that include retail and fashion trends, global initiatives in the garment industry, distribution, international market and buyer relations, and understanding the business of fashion in the Arab market.

Among the most prominent global activities carried out by the Arab Fashion Council is setting the criteria for the designers to be part of the “Arab Fashion Week” events, which will be held twice a year, representing all the Arab countries under one destination, in the presence of buyers and press from around the world.

The Arab Fashion Council’s logo is designed to adopt 2 main colors, white and gold, symbolizing transparency, peace, and the authenticity of the Arab culture

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