How to Recognise The Weak Manager


Weak managers will always point out your mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, but if you are still on this job, this means you’re doing fine. However, the poor manager will point out only the things you’ve made wrong and won’t say “Good job”. Good leaders will motivate and inspire you, while poor ones will only want to have everything under control. Weak managers believe that fear is a motivator – well, it’s not.

Weak managers can’t handle change

Poor leaders hate change, because they aren’t flexible. They think their way is the best one, the only one. And they expect every employee to do exactly what they say – no matter whether this can help or hinder the working process.

Weak managers are bullies

If the manager rants and shouts, speaks abusively and aggressively, you shouldn’t hold illusions any longer. This is a bully and a weak manager. Working for one is challenging at the least. So, consider bringing matters to his or her bosses or finding a new job.

Weak managers will threaten you if you question their authority


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