How to Recognise The Weak Manager


So, you’ve decided you’ve had enough and you are speaking up. The poor manager will threaten you, punish you or even fire you. If you know you are right, you don’t have anything to be sorry for – you may lose your job, but this means only new opportunities. Still, consider all the consequences from your decision.

Weak managers are also afraid

A lot of poor managers’ mistakes come from fear – they are afraid of their bosses, their peers and you. They are afraid of what people would think about them, how they would handle problems. They are afraid of failure, but they are also incapable of achieving success. Whether they are aggressive or try to appear nice, they lack confidence, they hate change, and they definitely disapprove of different employees.

If you find your manager fits into one or more of these, try to talk to them politely – point out their mistakes and tell them they can do better by making some changes. You can also share this article on a social media platform they use. But, of course, that’s quite a risk – you may end up unemployed. Either way, working for a poor manager can make your life a living hell. Just see this as another challenge to overcome – what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?


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