7 Key Rules for Happy and Healthy Living


Let the Rainbow Be You Food Guide

The fruits and vegetables that come in the deepest of colours are usually the healthiest. The more intense their colour is the more biologically active substances and phytonutrients they contain. In short, eat all the colours of the rainbow!

beachbody2Kick Your Shoes Off

These boots are made for walking, but it is good to kick them off your feet whenever you can. Walk barefoot on the sand, grass or earth without fear of small bugs or dirty toes. That will expose you to different microbes, but only in small amounts that are not enough to make your sick, but more than enough to boost you immune system. Also, just spending time outdoors will allow you to breathe in more oxygen and to get more vitamin D from the sun.

The reason why these rules are effective in making you happier and healthier is that they are really simple, yet long-term solutions. In addition to that, they can be followed by everyone regardless of their age, occupation, interest and lifestyle. Try them out to see for yourself!


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