Effective Ways to Reduce Kids’ Screen Time


If you children have taken over your smartphone, know the hottest videos on the web or refuse to eat in a restaurant that does not have a Wi-Fi than it is quite likely that they are addicted to screens. There is no point to wonder how you let that happen since the answer is simple – today technology is unavoidable because it is everywhere. What you should do, however, is to effectively limit the time your kids spend in front of the PC or TV or on your smartphone and tablet. Making up rules on when and how they should use these devices may not always work. If that is the case in your home, try following a few suggestions about how to reduce kids’ screen time .

Find Your Kids’ Hidden Talents

One way to take your children off the screen is by convincing them to try something else. For instance, if you kids have an ear for music, sign them up to classes for singing, dancing or guitar playing, for instance. However, it is always better if children are open to the idea and the activity you are offer. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a constant disputes and communication struggles. Even if a child has a talent to sing or paint, but lack interest in that, he or she will still prefer the smartphone or the computer friend over their new “hobby.”


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