Record-Breaking Holiday Season Fun Facts


The holiday shopping season is almost over and the last gifts you may still send are gift cards for faraway friends. This year, consumers were more willing to spend according to statistcs. However, they were also more likely to spend in a smarter way.

Amazon Fire TV HomeScreen FrontAs the world’s largest online retailer, also witnessed a record-breaking season. For instance, its Amazon Prime service witnessed over 10 million new subscriptions around the holidays. In addition, many of the company’s own products reported an impressive sales. According to Amazon, Amazon Fire TV became the top-selling steaming media player, whereas its smaller version Fire TV Stick earned the titled fastest-selling flagship device in history.

Here are other fun facts about this unseen holiday season:

  • Mobile shopping reached new heights. Every sixth consumer shopped though a mobile device. This rate increased even further on Cyber Monday. It is estimated that on December 1, shoppers ordered nearly 20 toys… per second. Read more: Black Friday Online Sales Up 9.5 Percent
  • 51NDaK8PBVLFrozen-themed products toped the best-sellers list across almost every product category. However, the biggest hit was Elsa dolls. According to Amazon, the Elsa dolls that were bought only during this holiday season can reach the top of Cinderella’s castle more than 850 times!
  • Heroes of Olympus was among the best-selling books this season. If all the purchased books are organized in a pile, they will be two times taller than Mount Olympus in Washington State or, as a matter of fact, Greece’s Mount Olympus.
  • Pump shoes were also a huge hit on Black Friday. The number of pumps ordered from would be 52 times higher than the Empire State Building if arranged in a pile.
  • Shoppers bought so many Sophie the Giraffe teethers that they are equal to the height of a real giraffe… actual to height of 788 giraffes.
  • Cowboy boots are always among the best-sellers during the winter holiday season. However, this year, consumers purchased so many pairs of cowboy boots that they are more than enough for the entire population of the home of open of the world’s biggest rodeos – Cheyenne in Wyoming.

Also, the most popular movies of 2014 holiday season were Maleficent and Guardians of the Galaxy, whereas Chromebooks were the best-selling computers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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