Winter Men’s Fashion: The Suit Is Back


Fashion may changes with decades and generations, but the suit has always been a necessary part of the men’s attire. It has lost some of its appeal in recent years, but this winter, it’s definitely back to prove it’s the most enduring fashion piece ever created.

If you feel it’s a little too formal for you, just look at some of the hottest suits this season – they are trendy, sleek and sharp, and the best fashionable item to make you look as irresistible as George Clooney, or as serious and successful as a Wall Street hotshot. In any case, you don’t need to spend too much. We’ve looked at the best-selling suits on online retailer Amazon and they are all stylish, comfortable and affordable.

517yDf+Ak4LThe hottest item on the store is Salvatore Exte Men’s 2 Button Charcoal Gray Suit and for a good reason. It has a nice, modern fit and is made of extremely lightweight fabric, which makes it perfect for any season. The impeccable tailoring and quality is what you would expect in a much more expensive suit (it is discounted from $450 to less than $110).

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Cashman Pin Stripe 2 Button Side Vent Suit w: Flat Front PantIf you are looking for something more modern and less formal, Tommy Hilfiger’s suits will be perfect. The trim-fit Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cashman Pin Stripe 2 Button Side Vent Suit w/ Flat Front Pant is very trendy and chic and has a great vintage feel. It’s perfect for the office, but it’s equally good for wearing at a social event such as a brunch or a church outing. And at a 55% discount, it’s one of the most-sought after men’s fashion items.

Luciano Natazzi Men's Two Button Bird's Eye 3 Piece Modern Fit Vested SuitAnd the ultimate modern business suit will be the black Luciano Natazzi Men’s Modern Fit Two Button Ticket Pocket Suit. The hand-tailored suit is a true Italian masterpiece, constructed with the finest detailing and highest quality. This isn’t a famous, premium brand, but their clothes are very attractive and elegant, so $134.50 is quite a reasonable price.

Of course, the full business attire can be easily replaced with a more casual dress code – a jacket or a blazer, paired with khakis or gray slacks. But the sharp suit is conveys a different message – that you are confident, serious about what you do, and that you will succeed in any kind of venture. It is the ultimate business clothing.


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