Limited Edition LEGO Sets Make Memorable Christmas Gifts



For grown up kids and adults who don’t want to grow up, rare and limited edition LEGO sets will be memorable Christmas gifts. Although they are truly hard-to-find, the biggest online retailer is now offering a great variety of exclusive and collector’s LEGO building sets.

When it comes to the price of limited-edition sets, however, you should know that “reasonable” doesn’t mean “cheap”. LEGO’s special sets are not just toys – they are brilliant, huge sets of often 2,000 + pieces, which are designed to offer a challenge not just to the kids, but to adults, as well. They will take hours to assemble, but it’s all up to your imagination what else you can build with them – this is the unique thing we all love about LEGO. With even the simplest blocks, you can construct something amazing. Usually, these rare sets can be found in only LEGO’s official online store, as well as from some specialized retailers.

But now you can find them at the most popular store on the Internet, Amazon. It has a great selection of LEGO Hard to Find sets, which are among the toy maker’s most exclusive items. Certainly, the Holiday Bakery 10216 is one of the best choices, especially for the holidays. Although it doesn’t come with many pieces (less than 700), the details are impeccable, the mini-figures are beautiful, and the bakery itself is simply adorable.

But one of the really amazing LEGO sets you’ve ever seen is LEGO Tower Bridge 10214, which features the iconic London’s paired towers and a drawbridge that really opens and closes. It’s great for both building and display and with nearly 4,300 elements this will be the LEGO building project of the year! The price is $239.95, but it’s actually a really reasonable price for such a large, complex, and beautiful building set.

Star Wars fans will love LEGO Star Wars Exclusive Limited Edition Set #7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser – it can be the perfect gift for both kids and their parents! Featuring the Mon Calamari command center, repair hangar and a rare, green A-wing starfighter, this is one of the nicest Star Wars sets and is a collection must.

If the $100-$250 price range is just too much for you, there are other rare and limited-edition LEGO sets such as the Building Work Shop 2014 Limited Edition Holiday Set, which is available for less than $40, or last year’s Tree Stand 2013 Limited Edition Holiday Set for $55.


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