Hottest Nike Flyknit Also in Black Friday Sales


Stores are offering new and exciting sports shoes and boots for the new season, but what immediately grabs the attention, is the new Nike Flyknit technology. It is used in more and more models and styles and right now, these are the hottest men’s shoes you can find, and even some models are included in Amazon’s Black Friday Sale.

Since its debut two years ago, the game-changing Flyknit material is just getting better and better – it’s innovative, extremely lightweight, and minimalist and it fits like socks. Unlike traditional sneakers, Nike’s Flyknit models aren’t hard, but made of fabric – soft, flexible and breathable, while at the same time providing support and durability. They are form-fitting and seamless, resembling bare-foot ride, so they are practically the most comfortable running shoes on the market right now. The reason why you haven’t seen them before is simply because they are new and still not available everywhere. However, online retailer Amazon has a huge selection of these high-tech runners, available in all sizes and more colours than you can imagine.

When it comes to color schemes, the biggest hit is the Nike Men’s Free Flyknit + Running Shoes. The model comes in 25 spectacular colourways, including classic black/white combo, the super-hot University red, and the extravagant volt/electric green. It is well-cushioned and supportive, but still very flexible and ultralight and available from $79.50 to $176 for some sizes and colours. Most importantly, you can’t find all the colours in any other store, including Nike’s retail stores.

If you want to move easy and naturally with a style and make a lasting impression, you will need the Nike Men’s Free Flyknit 4.0 Running Shoes, which are available in three amazing combinations of University red, bright crimson, and white. This is an extremely modern and chic athletic shoe, worthy of a prize in fashion. The pricing is similar, but other retailers sell it for over $200, so it’s a great deal, actually.

The 3.0 version of the Nike Free Flyknit runner is the most flexible shoe ever, having only 4mm difference between heel and forefoot height. This is the lowest offset of Nike Free running shoes, while at the same time providing great cushioning. The heel mimics the shape of the foot and although it may look a bit curved on the product photos, it completely wraps up the foot for the most natural feel you can imagine.

These models are athletic and perfect for running, but they are also very attractive and stylish, so aren’t limited to only sports fans’ use. You can wear them every day without worrying they would fall apart either, because the production uses one of the most advanced, high-quality and innovative technologies invented. Of course, they aren’t cheap, but they aren’t ridiculously expensive either, so you should check them out.


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