Apple Store Black Friday 2014 Preview


Regardless of whether it is an iPhone 6, an iPad or a Mac, Apple devices are among the top most wished for Christmas gifts every year. That is why everyone is interested in Apple Store’s Black Friday deals. As a result, the web is buzzing with predictions and discussions on possible discounts and products that will be part of this year’s holiday sale of the U.S. technology giant. While, some of them sound quite logical, others look frankly chimerical. That is why, we decided to measure rumours on Apple Store Black Friday deals on the scale of likely and unlikely.

iPad mini 2 will be slashed by AED 82

Last year, the UAE Apple Store offered first-generation iPad minis with a discount of exactly AED 81. After Apple released its iPad mini 3 this fall, iPad mini 2 is not part of the old-generation product of the company. Therefore, it is more than likely that it will be the one to go under the price guillotine this year.
Verdict: Likely

Discount on 27” Retina 5k Display iMac

That would be great, right! Nevertheless, let’s not forget that this is the first such device by Apple. In addition, it practically has not analogue on the market as for now. This means that the price will remain at premium level longer than the usual.
Verdict: highly unlikely

Gift cards overdose

Gift cards were recently introduced at the UAE Apple Store. Chances are that Apple will promote them extensively among local consumers. Therefore, shoppers can expect to see deals that will feature products (discounted or not) and free gift cards. But there is a rich variety of gift cards online already, so consumers may be somewhat confused what to choose. In all cases, Amazon’s gift cards are universal.
Verdict: highly likely

Product bundles with free accessories

Some consumers are hoping to see the new iPhone 6 offered in bundles together with free accessories. This year, Apple’s latest smartphone is under the radar of many retailers. That has quickly resulted in various types of holiday deals featuring iPhone 6. This new trend many force the Apple Store to reevaluate its Black Friday offers. Yet, Apple’s only store does not have the habit of offering product bundles. Also, its history with freebie accessory is not quite impressive either.
Verdict: unlikely

AED 400 price cur on select iMacs, MacBooks Pro and MacBooks Air

During Black Friday 2013, the UAE Apple offered its biggest discounts namely on these products. While not all MacBooks and iMacs will find a place here, some of the company’s most popular, as well as previous-generation Macs could get a price slash of AED 400+. Digg in the past: First Black Friday Sale in UAE – A Great Disappointment.
Verdict: highly likely

Headphone freebies

Another Black Friday prediction is that the Apple Store will offer two pairs of headphones for the price of one. After Apple’s acquisition of Beats by Dr. Dre, this makes a lot of sense. However, as it was mentioned earlier, the U.S. technology giant is not the biggest fan of freebies. Still, Beats headphones lovers may not get disappointed after all. This holiday season, the Apple Store will probably focus more than ever before on Beats by Dr. Dre products in one way or another.
Verdict: unlikely, but discounts a sure thing

Of course, it is hard to say with precision what the Apple Store will offer to shoppers this Black Friday. Yet, this deals preview can help you prepare for your Apple Store holiday shopping spree.


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