How to Save on Electronics This Season?


The holiday shopping season has already started and retailers are rolling out Black Friday deals earlier than ever. There is still time until this year’s Cyber Monday, but you’d better start preparing your shopping strategy right now. Even if you can’t find tempting discounts on phones, tablets, or laptops, there is still a way to save on electronics this season.

Shop for previous-generation devices

The iPhone 6 is here, but at a price of $650 for the 4.7-inch model and $750 for the bigger, 5.5-inch smartphone, it’s just too expensive for most people. However, previous-generation iPhones, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S can be found for $450 and $550, respectively. The same principle is valid for absolutely every kind of electronic gadget, from laptops and PCs, to gaming consoles and wearables. Old-generation devices may not be the best and shiniest, but they are the good deals.

Sell your old devices

If you’ve decided to get a new phone or tablet, you won’t need your old one. If it’s in a good shape, you can sell it for a good amount of cash at online retailers such as Amazon. The other alternative is to offer the manufacturer for a trade-in. You give your old phone back and get a new one at a lower cost.

Look for coupons, promotions, and limited-time deals

Many shoppers actually don’t realize that often, Black Friday deals aren’t the best available. There are special websites which find and give exclusive discount coupons, while others launch limited-time deals on select products. For instance, the pre-Black Friday sale event on Amazon will probably offer better prices for toys, software and electronics such as HDTVs, digital cameras, laptops and tablets. And video game bundles are the best option – you can find them at the biggest retailer, as well as on Microsoft Store.

Control the in-app purchases on your kid’s phone

Even if your children still don’t have their own phones, you probably let them play various games on your device. This can have terrible consequences for your credit account – games have in-app purchases enabled, unless you specifically block the access to them. There are different ways to do that – for instance, you can use Apple’s parental controls, setting a PIN for enabling in-app purchases on Android devices, or et up a child’s profile on Windows 8 phones.

Subscribe for e-mails, sale notifications or use a shopping app

Most online stores will offer you to sign up for notifications for hot deals and limited-time sales. That’s a good way to find the best deal and buy the product before other customers even know it’s on sale. Also, there are many shopping-focused mobile apps that search for specific gadgets and sales. They can compare prices easily, offer you coupons, and so on.

Electronics are among the hottest items on Black Friday sales and unless you want to be left empty-handed, you need to be smarter and faster when shopping. These tips will help you save a little bit more this year, even on the newest TVs, most wanted smartphones, and hottest tablets right now.

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