World-renowned fashion designer Carlos Vigil to debut Dubai-inspired couture collection


Famous fashion designer Carlos Vigil is coming to Dubai this month to present his latest collection “Metropolis.” The fashion show will be held at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah as part of the event Taste of Peru, which is organized by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Investment of Peru. The event will gather not only luxury fashion brands, but it will also give attendees the chance to get a taste of the unique Peruvian cuisine.

Carlos Vigil is anything but a newcomer in the industry. The work of this international fashion guru has been recognized in his home country Peru decades ago. Among Carlos Vigil’s specialities are haute couture evening gowns, as well as one-of-a-kind dresses for weddings. He is also known for the fact that he has founded Atelier Carlos Vigil. The fashion house focuses on everything fashion-related, from clothing to jewelry, handbags and shoes. The pieces in each collection stand out with their excellent craftsmanship, which is one of the passions of the fashion designer.

Carlos Vigil’s style is characterized with exquisiteness, boldness and amazing creativity. No wonder his shows in fashion capitals like Paris and New York have won him an impressive amount of admirers and equally famous clientele. Vigil is not afraid to experiment with shapes, colours and textures. Also, his visions strike with their details and fine fashion techniques. The result is not just a mixture of pieces of clothing, but collections of artistic masterpieces. Therefore, the Peruvian designer is a true artist in the fashion industry.

Interestingly, Dubai seems to be an ideal place for the presentation of Carlos Vigil’s Fall 2014 collection “Metropolis.” That is because the collection was inspired by skyscrapers and modern architecture, which is abundant in the Middle Eastern metropolis. Just like Dubai’s record-breaking architectural miracles, the designs included in Vigil’s latest collection are majestic, inspiring and creative. The Peruvian talent has based the silhouettes in “Metropolis” on the twisting and turning modern visions seen in some of today’s most famous buildings. Similar to them, Carlos Vigil’s Fall 2014 collection does not beg for attention, it demands it.

One of Vigil’s trademarks, which can be spotted in this haute couture collection, is the emphasis on the feminine beauty and curves. “Metropolis” relies on a mixture of delicate embroidery, structured patterns and femininity. In addition, it stands out as a luxury fashion collection with colours like metallic greys, vivid blues, as well as warmer shades of magentas. However, the first thing that one notices about this particular collection is the intricate design of the pieces in it. They clearly reveal, that just like a skillful architect, he has the power to command his work and to challenge every law of nature. All this combined with the sophisticated chiffons and silks, offer an inspiring take on luxury fashion.

Carlos Vigil will debut his haute couture fashion collection “Metropolis” in Dubai on February 27th at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Do not miss the chance to witness his creative genius and to taste the delicious traditional cuisine of Peru. A video by the fashion production studio “Videos de MODA Pierre Dulanto” showcases Carlos Vigil’s talent at its best:


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