The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


Katy Perry valentine's DayIt’s always hard to escape the cliché on an accasion like Valentine’s Day, but choosing a gift for your girlfriend or wife is a risk worth taking. Ladies love the romantic gifts and the attention, so you should try your best and find the perfect present that shows how much you cherish her. And if such great gift ideas just don’t come naturally to you, especially after the holidays, you can check the list of romantic, delightful items that we’ve put together.

Classic Romance

The classic gifts are often considered a cliché, but at the same time, women love them. Chocolate is the standard Valentine’s gift, but don’t be ordinary. Choose high-end, gourmet chocolates that are rich, creamy and really delicious. Another classic is the fragrance, but it’s the trickiest gift you can think of. When it comes to smells, every woman has a different preference, so buying something from a famous brand may be pointless. Opt for perfumes only if you know her well and if you are certain what she likes. The other must-give on Valentine’s Day is flowers. Find out what her favourites are and get a beautiful bouquet; the safest options are roses or lilies and orchids.


Some guys tend to overspend and buy their girlfriends diamond rings. Keep the expensive diamonds and gold pieces in case you want to put the ring around her finger. But if you are together for several months, a costly jewelry piece will be a mistake. Instead, you can choose more affordable alternatives like heart-shaped Zirconia rings, which are as attractive and shiny as the diamond. In fact, rings, earrings and necklaces with Swarovski rhinestones are even better. They are incredibly popular right now, especially if you choose colourful statement crystals in various shapes. The other on-trend style, which women adore, is the rose gold. And if a pure golden ring is just too expensive for you, you can always go for a rose gold plated one.

A New Camera

Often ladies admit they prefer geeky items like digital cameras over chocolates and perfumes. A traditional point-and-shoot will be great or you can even opt for a smartphone that comes with a high resolution camera. Right now, there are several high-end phones on the market, which allow incredibly clear, high quality images to be taken. One of them is Nokia Lumia 1020, which comes with a massive 41MP sensor and in-built Pro Camera application and can be easily purchased from Amazon or Microsoft Store. Sony Xperia Z1 has advanced camera features and is one of the best photographer’s phones you can buy right now. Another option is Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom that has all the major characteristics of normal point & shoot cameras, or iPhone 5S, which has the best camera of all iPhones before it.

A Fashionable Watch

Fashionable watches today basically act like beautiful bracelets, only more practical. Branded timepieces – Anne Klein, Juicy Couture, Tommy Hilfiger, and so on, are the perfect choice here. They are powerful fashion accessories that display the individuality of the woman wearing them. So, she will be really happy to receive an elegant and modern timepiece with unique, sleek design. We strongly recommend heart-shaped watches or watches with heart charms. Like in jewelry, Swarovski crystals are very trendy right now. Oversized watches and rose gold are also quite popular.

Luxury Experiences

Luxury presents are loved by most women but be careful not to spend too much. This, of course, depends on your finances, but if your relationship is not very serious, an expensive, a luxury item will probably not be welcomed. A diamond ring in combination with a romantic dinner will be perfect for proposal, while going to a concert or a ballet will be appropriate for any kind of relationship. One of the best luxury gifts you can give are the new experiences and trips. Consider a weekend at an exotic spa or a scuba diving experience for two. View the city skyline from a helicopter or just take her some place unexpected.

No matter what gift you choose as a Valentine’s Day gift for her, you should know that the most important thing you should give her is your love, attention, care and respect. And the best Valentine’s gifts express and symbolize these particular feelings and qualities, whether they are $10 or $1000. So, do not over think this, be honest and your gift will be perfect.


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