Middle East region to require more than 90,000 hospital beds by 2018


Jafza attracts large number of multinationals from diagnostics, medical equipment and healthcare sectors during Arab Health

According to a recent report, the surge in medical tourism and the growing demand for high quality health and medical facilities is expected to create a demand for more than 90,000 hospital beds in the Middle East by 2018.

The growth projection provides huge opportunity for medical equipment, diagnostics tools and pharmaceutical, as well as, companies engaged in building healthcare infrastructure in the region. This is, perhaps, the reason behind the growing interest of a large number of leading multinationals from these sectors to participate in Arab Health and their keen interest in Jafza facilities for setting up their regional hubs at the Free Zone.

Jafza has attracted a large number of multinationals from Europe, the US, China and India, dealing in medical technologies and hospital equipment, during the recently held Arab Health. These companies wanted to explore opportunities in the region and sought to establish their respective regional hubs at the Free Zone to reach and serve the entire Middle East region.

Ibrahim Mohamed Al Janahi, Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer of Jafza commenting on the overwhelming response Jafza attracted during the recent health industry said:

“The GCC and Middle East region’s healthcare expenditure is forecast to triple in the coming five years. This provides huge opportunities to the healthcare companies engaged in the healthcare infrastructure building which not only includes the developer of physical infrastructure but also other associated sectors such as diagnostics, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Jafza is, therefore, most appropriate choice for locating their businesses in. Jafza, as a hub, provides excellent connectivity to reach and serve the entire region from the Free Zone.”

“The oil-driven economic boom in the GCC has increased disposable income and per capita spending, which, in turn, continues and will continue to push the demand for high quality healthcare services lending long-term growth prospects for the industry in the region,” Al Janahi added.

272 multinationals in the healthcare sector including several Global fortune 500 companies such as Roche Group, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer and Sodexo among others are located in Jafza, who serve the entire region from their base in the Free Zone. The pharmaceutical and healthcare sector at the Free Zone has generated trade worth USD 3.6 billion in 2012.
Looking at the strong interest Jafza evoked among the global healthcare industry at the Arab Health, we expect a robust growth in the number of new companies in the Free Zone in 2014, said Saood Alkhloofi, Manager, Jafza Sales.

Jafza is currently home to more than 7,200 world’s finest companies, including 120 Global Fortune 500 enterprises, who have established their respective regional headquarters at the Free Zone from where they serve the entire region efficiently.


  1. THIS REPORT IS BY FROST AND SULLIVAN  http://www.jafza.ae/blog/middle-east-region-to-require-more-than-90000-hospital-beds-by-2018/


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