Spring 2014 Interior Trends



During the 2014 Spring season, home interiors will be very colourful. Pastels will be juxtaposed with bright tones, while hues of the blue and pink will make interiors feel and look more tranquil and feminine. Interestingly, copper, one of the biggest Fall 2013 trends, will also will remain one of the most popular spring 2014 interior trends. But this is just a highlight of this season’s home decoration tendencies. Here are some of the most recognisable Spring 2014 interior trends that will dominate home design, according to our observations as of this time.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns will be used heavily in soft furniture. The patterns will be bold and playful, even when they are monochrome. You can use this trend to emphasize a part of a room or even an entire room. It is better if you stick to clean lines since they can create a more elegant, even luxurious atmosphere.


Pink Hues

Pink shades will invade homes this spring. That will give interiors a peaceful and even feminine look. If you want to make the atmosphere more comfy and serene, use soft pinks. To make things more lively, don’t be afraid to go with bold and bright pinks. With this colour, the limitation are practically non-existent. It can be used in furniture, accessories and lighting.


Spring home décor trend will quickly turn winter to summer. Fruit and palm prints in bright green, pink, yellow, turquoise and green will energize any room. The result will be striking and inspiring – just like spring itself.


Colour Explosion

This interior design trend is mainly inspired by Latin American fabrics and colour combinations. That is why loud colours will often come in geometric pattern or clean lines. However, you should be very careful with this tendency and limit it to just one part of the room. It is so effective that it can make and statement even on its own.


Copper was really popular during the Fall/Winter 2013 season. Its rise will continue in 2014. Nevertheless, this time around it will be seen more in interiors with rustic industrial design. Therefore, the glamour and class of copper will be brought to a minimum. This season it will show its rough side.

Blue and White

The combination of white and pale blue is classic. It is both fun, yet calming. It is a great way to mark the revival of nature. In addition, blue and white are great colours if you want to quickly refresh your home. They do no need to come in a special pattern to look impressively.


Spring 2014 will certainly be less colourful and bold compared to previous years. However, it will also be far from boring. This season’s home décor trends will help you brighten up after the winter.



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