Where to buy Stuhrling Original Watches in Dubai?


One of the well-known makers of fine, yet modestly priced watches, Stuhrling Original, has come to the Middle East and to Dubai in particular. And while the brand is quite popular in the U.S. and Europe, it hasn’t been very accessible in the UAE and Dubai, at least until now. A local online store is now selling the Stuhrling Original Watches in Dubai at very attractive prices. If you like any of the showcased models, simply click on the pictures to buy it.

Men's Watch item_M_6547261_4055188 Men's WatchMen's Watchitem_M_6554123_4065706The brand Stuhrling Original is for those who want to be noticed – their watches don’t just tell the time, they are designed to show the one-of-a-kind remarkable craftsmanship and make a statement. And what other fashion accessory could a man express himself with other than an elegant, classy statement watch? One would think that such luxury items should cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but with Stuhrling Original it’s not true. Especially in Dubai, the price of a fine Cartier watch, for instance can easily reach a quarter of a million dirhams. But Stuhrling Original men’s watches are much more affordable – from AED 500 to AED 800 if you shop at FranFran online store. If you are searching for Stuhrling Original Watches in Dubai at boutiques and shopping malls, you either won’t find it at all, or you’ll have to pay double.

So, why exactly these watches? They are most popular for their unique designs and especially for their mechanical skeleton watches, which display all the mechanical, moving parts of the watch. Often engraved, these fascinating pieces should be better described as works of art, not tools for telling time. The skeleton watch is particularly suitable for men who love to show not only quality and style, but are also attracted by the perfection of mechanics. It’s a watch that matters and at this price, it’s a must-have accessory (or more like a piece of jewelry) for every fashion-forward man. And while some feel good with a sporty piece, strapped on their hands and others prefer more elegant, dressy designs, everyone wants to have at least one Stuhrling Original.


item_M_6554693_4066614item_M_6554657_4066564item_M_6554499_4066312item_M_6554108_4065678In case you’ve fallen in love with these beautiful works of art, you can shop online from the collection offered at FranFran’s store. The retailer offers  delivery across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the entire UAE. So, it’s a great option, even for the gentlemen who just can’t afford the time for a trip to the city shopping centers and malls.


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