Celebrity Fashion Picks: Unique Designer Handbags


What is the perfect fashion accessory – unique, quality item which expresses your personality and individual style. And while we want to copy the looks we see on the catwalk and the red carpet, celebrities often choose one-of-a-kind accessories and what we have recently spotted is a true trend-setter – Mary Frances designer handbags. If you wish to purchase any of the featured creations, please click on the picture to do that.

Mary Frances’ designs can seen on the arms of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Kirstie Alley, Teri Hatcher…Her statement handbags are especially popular for evening events, fabulous parties or invitation-only, decadent cocktails.

Why is the brand so hot? Well, Mary Frances little treasures are hand-made, exquisite bags, inspired by both fashion trends and everyday life with all its colours, energy and aspects. The designs are really creative and combine different fabrics and textures, materials and colours. “Life is too short to dress boring!” according to the designer, so she tries to create unique, extravagant, and absolutely beautiful pieces for women to enjoy.

So, who is she? With over 23 years of experience in luxury and high-end fashion, Mary Frances is an American designer of novelty every-day, bridal, and evening handbags who is a winner of the Accessory Designer of the Year Award at the Dallas Fashion Awards. She was one of the five designers acknowledged as “Star of the Show” during 2004 & 2005 Paris Fashion Week. At the prestigious 2013 MACEF Show in Milan, Italy she also received the Best of Bijoux International Design Award this September.

Among her award-winning collections we can see lots of animal, car, bottle-inspired designs. Basically, her bags can come in all forms, adorned with beads, pearls, crystals, stones, fabric or beaded flowers, carvings. Often, with brilliant details, they are true works of art, bringing you the feeling like you are wearing a million dollars simply as an accessory. This fashion accessory is far more than a celebrity or extravagant item – the designs are quite wearable and elegant, and especially preferred by Middle Eastern women. Of course, it’s a usual sight to see a beautiful woman looking fabulous on the streets of Dubai, but with a Mary Frances bag, you take it to a completely new level.

And if the prices of these handbags seem a little high, don’t be surprised – those are one-of-a-kind, ultra luxury fashion works of art, that will turn heads everywhere you go!


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