Emirati “Bani Adam” comes to life in movie theaters


“M A Films,” production – in charge of the Emirati movie “Bani Adam” or “A Human” has agreed showing the movie in the theaters on Thursday Nov. 7th 2013. “Gulf Film” – the distributors has announced dedicating 15 movie theaters in the UAE for the shows. “Voice Media House” will organize a press conference with the presence of the producer, director and star of the movie; launching the movie thereafter from the center Dubai to the rest of the Gulf countries. Launch will take place in Grand Cineplex.

“Bani Adam” is a tragedy drama that carries a lot of humanistic values reflecting the Gulf. It’s a rare genre produced within the Emirati movie industry; Abdul Razak the producer adds that he is keen on producing movies conveying messages with high artistic values rather then commercially driven ones. He has previously produced a couple of movies based on novels like the Conte De Monte De Cristo and another movie with the title “ Arab Sands;” reflecting the life of Wilfred Thesiger explorer and travel writer. Abdul Razak hopes that the movie industry in the Emirates would have similar productions as these as he has made a lot of effort in shooting the movie with selective scenes and a shooting time frame of almost a year. He said such movies are rich in quality and reflect high tech filming techniques and to further extend viewership he made an English translation to reach non-Arab speakers.

The movie “Bani Adam” reflects the life of a Sultan having disputes and struggles due to an inner inferiority complex that has developed since his childhood. His major conflicts were with a simple, low class young man “Salem” and his financial advisor who basically is in charge of his wealth with an ultimate goal of marrying his daughter “Maytha.” The Sultan falls in love with the lady Maha, however Maha and Maytha both fall in love with Salem the modest young man. Tragedy, suspense and climax begin at this point with fast and unexpected incidents, thus ending.

The film star: Majid Abdul Razak, Abdulah Abdul Aziz, Wafaa Mekki, Alaa Shaker, Fatma Al Husani.


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