How to Use Patterns in Interior Decoration


If your home looks a bit bland and grey to you lately and you are searching for a way to bring back life and fresh energy into it, then you may try using prints and patterns in interior decoration. Patterns will add colour, shape and charm even to a storage room. Also, patterns are a great form to showcase some of your personality. They are really diverse and they come in all colours, shapes and combinations. Therefore, even if you are not a fan of playful décor, you will still be able to find patterns that will suit your taste.

Nevertheless, using prints and patterns in the interior design of your home is not as easy as it actually sounds. In fact, most people who have the time and budget hire a specialist to guide them through. But if you think that you have an eye for good decoration or you simply want to save some money – keep reading. In this article, we will introduce you to some basic rules and tips for using patterns in interior design.

Pattern Design

There are so many choices when it comes to the design of the pattern. Among the most common ones are florals, stripes, geometric figure and plaids. However, you should not limit yourself only to these four types. The good thing about patterns is that, no matter how crazy they are, they can be easily combined. You don’t even need to find perfect matches. Despite that, try to include some solid colours in each of the prints and patterns. But remember to neither add too much of it nor too little. Otherwise, it will dominate the décor in the room.



However, bold and bright colours are not a must when it comes to patterns. In fact, in some cases it is better to go with neutrals like beige and cream tones. It depends on your taste and the design of the room.

How Much?

Again, there are no strict rules here. But if you want to play it safe, you can include a maximum of four different patterns. The general idea is to add patterns until you achieve the desired effect.



When you choose patterns for a room, you need to combine different sizes. Only then will you be able to balance them. You should not stick to only one size because it won’t offer you the diversity you are searching for. Small flowers could look well with stripes, for example.

Combine with Texture

When you use patterns in interior decoration, you need to also consider the textures in the rooms. Pattern and texture always go hand in hand! Try to match them in terms of scale and colours.


Use Samples

Finally, yet importantly, if you are still experiencing some difficulties using prints and patterns in interior decoration when it comes to designing your rooms, try samples. In that way, you will see how a particular pattern would look like in a room without actually buying it. Many furniture shops in Dubai have samples catalogs and you can borrow it for a while.

Another good option is to browse through the latest home decor magazines for fresh ideas.


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