Best and Worst Dressed at 2013 Cannes Film Festival


The Cannes Film Festival started yesterday and celebrities put on their best (or worst) clothes for another big red carpet show. As soon as that happened, the movie buzz was pushed to the background by the powerful magic of fashion. This unusual runway show was characterized with pricey dresses and jewelry. However, unlike previous years, stars were not seen to follow any particular trends. Instead they showed a good amount of diversity. Let’s now take a closer look at the best and worst dresses worn by Hollywood icons at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

Best Dressed

Lana-Del-Rey-‘The-Great-Gatsby’-Premiere-Cannes-Film-Festival-Opening-CeremonyApart from being a jury at this year’s festival in Cannes, Nicole Kidman was also among the best dressed celebrities at the event. The actress grabbed the attention even before to appear on the red carpet. Kidman was seen walking in a short black dress before the festival’s opening which laid the foundations of one really stylish day for her. Later, she took the red carpet in a Christian Dior Couture strapless dress. Her pink Jimmy Choos perfectly added to her flawless look. Dior was also the choice of The Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan. The actress resembled an angel in her pale pink dress. Her shiny $1.15 million diamond earrings gave her a much needed glamour.

Although singer Lana Del Rey had picked the wrong makeup, she still managed to steal the show with her vintage hairstyle and gown. Actually, Del Rey’s look perfectly matched the retro theme of the opening movie at the festival – The Great Gatsby.

“Style” and “glamour” are not the only words that describe the red carpet fashion in Cannes. Some celebrities brought sexy back by appearing in gowns which highlighted their silhouettes. One of them was ex-model Cindy Crawford who showed up in a white Roberto Cavalli gown. The dress was an ideal fit for Crowford’s athletic figure of a 90s model. Another supermodel managed to become the talk of the evening thanks to her lacy Burberry dress. Although it was a bit revealing, it still spoke of style and great fashion taste.

Worst Dressed

Whenever there’s white, there’s also black. The same goes for the Cannes’ red carpet. Not even designers and stylists managed to save Florence Welch. The Florence and The Machine singer appeared in a strange Miu Miu creation that was covered in polka dots. Her black-and-yellow heels only made matters worse.

While things were more than clear with Florence Welch, fashion critics were not unanimous on Julianne Moore’s dress. The actress rocked a Dior gown which did have some charm. However, her shapeless design and silk fabric spoiled it all.

Chinese actress Zhang Yuqi wore a dress that was wrong in many ways. First, its green colour was too bold and bright. Also, the neckline of the gown was really revealing and the silk fabric gave her an outdated style.

These were the looks that managed to stand out with one or another thing. In general, the fashion wins at this year’s Cannes Film Festival were much more than the fails.


  1. why dont u add Aishwarya ( the self proclaimed world’s beautiful woman !) in the list of worst dressed.  she looks like a she is going to a hallowen party with so much makeup !


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