Bridal Watches or White Watches for Brides


Most brides do not wear watches, but elegant bridal watches are so irresistible accessories…


Have you already done the shopping for your wedding day? If not yet, hang on for a while. Two events huge bridal fairs are scheduled for the coming months – Bride Dubai in April and The Bridal Affair by the end of March.

Will you be wearing a watch on your wedding day, or perhaps after the wedding during your party? Most brides don’t! However, it is not that a bad idea to be able to check the time or extra accessorize yourself with a fancy bridal watch.

Traditionally, brides shouldn’t have to wear watches on their Big Day, but if you love white watches, which many people nowadays do, your watch can turn into your most important wedding accessory.

Gold Charm XoXo Watch - item_XL_4967561_1614525 When choosing a watch to match your wedding gown, you should know that one of the basic trends is charm bracelet watches. Of course, any timepiece featuring pearls, charms, and rhinestones, gold would be lovely, especially if it matches your other pieces of jewelry. You can also try a vintage style, various leather straps, colours, imitation stones and metals, and many others. See our few suggestions for bridal watches which can be ordered and delivered to any address in Dubai and UAE.

A gold mirror dial gold-tone charm watch could be the perfect accessory if you are going for gold jewelry on the Big Day. You will easily catch the attention with its shiny gold mirror dial. Besides the heart shaped case, it also features four different charms.

This silver dial silver-tone charm bracelet watch could be perfect if you are wearing platinum or silver jewelry. Featuring a silver-tone bracelet and two heart-shaped charms, this watch acts as two accessories in one. The light pink enamel heart charm and the other one with light pink rhinestones will perfectly match the dominating white of every wedding.

item_XL_4967472_1614427A gold-tone and white bracelet watch also may look very elegant. This stylish timepiece also bets on gold and white combination, which apparently is an absolute winner for weddings, engagements and anniversaries.

You can buy bridal watches online from anywhere at your convenience, and the retailer offer delivery across UAE and four other Arab countries, with an option to pay on delivery. Golden, silver and white watches are most suitable for bridal accessory, but  you may also  chose to gift them at the bridal shower as “Thank you” presents.


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