Kick Your Startup Business

1388 up with an excellent business strategy is often not enough to make your startup business successful. In addition, excellent consumer analysis won’t attract your clients. What you actually need to do is to call them yourself if you want to sell them some of your products. In addition, creating an innovative and unique product is also not guaranteeing that it will become popular.

With startups, you need to take the action in your hands and make things work. But how can you do that?

As an entrepreneur you first need to start to understand the difference between action and activity.

Activities are all the things we learn in school. In other words, these are common and ordinary tasks like developing a strategy, conducting analysis and finding solutions. Some people see these things as activities undertaken to simply pass the time or to look busy.

Action is a different type of knowledge. This is, for example, calling your first partner or client and trying to convince them that your product or service is worth it. The action consists of deciding to do something and then doing it. Unfortunately, most educational systems fail to recognize the importance of the “action” and they leave it out the curriculum. That is sad since the action is like the activity – it can be learned and improved.

Developing a startup is similar to book publishing. Doing a close and detailed research and writing the perfect manuscript won’t get your book published. You need to find the guts to share your work with someone who can read it and give an opinion about it. Then you need to contact a publisher and offer your book. Simply put, action goes hand in hand with activity.

Many startups waste a lot of time creating the ideal presentation. They present to investors and lenders financial forecasts, data analysis and competition mapping. However, not many of them come up with prosperous ideas and then make a business plan or simple analysis of it. Even less are those who contact with their clients to ask for their opinion on some service or product. However, the truth is that investors want to see some action.

The action and activity balance is a problem not only for startups but also for bigger companies. Often they spend more time planning then acting. In addition, activity and action are key ingredients to startup team building and company culture establishing. Also, it is important to realize that startups who have a hard time taking action should better abandon their entrepreneur ambitions.

Therefore, students who want to become entrepreneurs should participate in projects that can teach them to take actions. For instance, start a volunteer group, join a startup or just organize a school gathering or party. Similar to activities, actions can be learned. Moreover, actions are a necessity for startups, as well as for regular corporate employees.

Take action!


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