Aussies’ social marketing strategy leave people hungry for more


The annual Australian barbecue was held last Friday at the Dubai’s Creek Park. As we understood, nearly 5000 people attended and had fun on the lush green fields of the centrally-located very popular among Dubai-residing families Creek Park. They were invited to lunch on Australian meet and enjoy the country’s native entertainment performances.

Aussies definitely know how to gather and entertain the crowds. People really had fun and even wanted more. More refers to everyting from the Australian lamb to the drumming opportunities they have been offered. Kids were running around smiling, while parents waited in lines for second or third serving of medium-grilled kebabs.

Altogether, the promotional event left positive memories to all partizpants. The product around which the event was centered will be remembered by the attendees. Perhaps, many are even regular at the annual Australian barbeque.

Such corporate social events, despite being costly for companies, recently are viewed as a right marketing strategy.


If only some media representatives could have collected their empty plates to throw it at the dedicated places, we wouldn’t have made a single negative remark about this event.


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