Dubai Mall Becomes Most Visited Place on Earth


Dubai Mall welcomed a record 105 million visitors in 2023, a jump of over 19% on the previous year’s 88 million; sales were also exceptionally strong in 2023.

New figures released by the mall today also show a staggering 20 million people visited the mall in the first two months of this year alone, with 2024 set to be another record year.

“These numbers reflect Dubai Mall’s impressive status and mirrors the forward-thinking leadership and strong economy of Dubai. Our mall embodies the city’s vibrant spirit and dedication to excellence, turning the leadership’s vision into a reality. Being an integral part of Dubai’s economic fabric, we play a crucial role in the city’s success and innovation,” said Emaar founder Mohamed Alabbar.

The new figures also show how the mall has become a global draw, attracting visitors from every corner of the world.

“This wide range of nationalities not only underscored the mall’s worldwide charm but also reflected the cosmopolitan culture of Dubai itself,” Alabbar added.

Global Retail and Leisure Icon

The mall’s events and promotions in 2023 and the beginning of 2024 were a key driver of its foot traffic, as well as essential festive occasions and international celebrations. Major events like the Dubai Shopping Festival, the Dubai Food Festival and the acclaimed 3 Day Super Sale further demonstrated the mall’s ability to draw and engage massive crowds.

The mall’s digital footprint expanded significantly, with an Instagram following currently at 1.3 million.

The mall’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the high customer satisfaction scores, which averaged 4.6, reflecting positive feedback from thousands of customers.

Elevating Shopping to an Art Form

In 2023, Dubai Mall redefined luxury retail. The “Retail Relation” programme partnered with top-tier brands to create immersive shopping experiences. Visitors marvelled at the magical festive displays by Cartier, Carolina Herrera, and Dior, while the Ramadan installation featured exclusive collections from brands like Fendi and Chloe. High-profile events like the exclusive Watches and Wonders, and the debut of Louis Vuitton’s Pharrell Williams collection, further cemented the mall’s status as a luxury shopping haven.


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