Top Lego Christmas Gifts


Over the years LEGO construction sets have turned into a classic way of entertainment for children and most coveted Christmas gifts. The popular toys can develop one’s creativity, imagination and constructions skills. Moreover, LEGOs, as puzzles, are loved not only by children. Many adults still hold precious memories of the unique game and others even build large Lego collection. All that makes Lego products the perfect Christmas gift.

Legos are appropriate and adored by people of various ages, interests and occupations. They can easily light up any face for the merry holiday. In fact, Lego Christmas Gifts are very much desired and super successful! The construction sets are worthy and memorable. In addition, family members can spend more time together enjoying indoor fun activities  during the festive season.

Here are some of the most popular and fun Lego Christmas Gifts that would bring joy to your young loved ones:

LEGO Creator Family Home (159.95) – This construction set presents an incredibly detailed family home. The coolest thing about this LEGO is that it can also be transformed into picturesque Mediterranean villa or a cozy bungalow. It is most suitable for children aged between 8 and 12, and mostly girls who enjoy home making activities. During the Black Friday Deals week, you can find this Lego set on Amazon with approximately $20 reduced price .

 LEGO Minecraft ($98.57) – LEGO took the famous Minecraft online game and successfully turned it into a reality. Moreover, you’d be pleasantly surprised to find that the LEGO version of the game is much more entertaining and engaging. Boys aged over 10 are particularly exited to receive such present and think it is “very cool”. The LEGO Minecraft is not yeat available in Dubai, but you can ordered at Amazon. During the Black Friday deals week expect the price to be 10-15% lower.

LEGO Architecture White House ($46.39)  – You can mark this year’s US presidential elections with LEGO’s impressive model of the White House. Along with the set comes a booklet with interesting facts about the historical building, which will enrich your knowledge on history. If you have a good experienced with Lego sets, you may complete the building in few hours. This model is from the Architecture collection and it is pretty small. It can easily fit on a book shelf. The pieces are tiny and best suited for people with delicate hands and thin long fingers. The LEGO Architecture White House is most suitable Christmas gift for children over 10 years of age or adults who enjoy collecting toys, architects or engaged in the field.

  LEGO Pirate of the Caribbean Black Pearl (39.94) – All Jack Sparrow fans and adventure seekers would love this construction toy as a Christmas present. This LEGO includes over 800 pieces that make the ship appear incredibly realistic. Adventure loving boys and girls over 10 years of age really enjoy making this ship model, even though the memory of the movies is somewhat fading. This LEGO set is quite unique and unusual and therefore remains very much popular.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 ($267.97) – This is a new generation LEGO. With it you can build a robot that can perform various advanced actions like moving, speaking, seeing and even feeling! In Dubai, the same construction set cost over 2,000 Dirhams at Hamleys in Dubai Mall. This is double the price you can find online.

As you can see LEGOs come in different forms, shapes and colours and now they even come online! Yes, you read that right! You can now order your LEGO Christmas gifts from the Internet. You don’t even need to leave the premises of your home. The perfect Christmas gift is only one click of a mouse away! That means that you’d save valuable time and money from the long and tedious trips to the store.

Now don’t waste any time! Christmas is just around the corner. So don’t hesitate to go online and order the LEGO set you like the most!


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