Winter Interior Decoration Trends


Trends in interior decoration this winter can not be categorized or summed up with only one word. That is because they are very unusual and different from each other. Usually, winter tendencies in home design are rather boring and unexceptional. Well, it seems that this winter season things are finally more colourful and fun!

Rustic & Homey

With the colder temperatures, come the warmer tones and designs. Here, we are talking 16  degree Celsius in Dubai, while in Europe some may interpret up to -16. However, over the next months, the natural and rustic style and look will be very popular in home décor. The general atmosphere of country or even farm will predominate. The materials used in the decoration and furnishing will mainly be raw and natural. The easiest way to achieve this look is to add lots of massive wood elements or antique and vintage items. These will be especially suitable for the living room. The colours are very earthly – brown, beige, green. A key role in the interiors this winter will have the big stone fireplace.

Oriental Style

In winter 2012-2013 everything that comes from warm eastern places will be extremely modern. If you want to give your home an oriental appearance, get some nice rugs and curtains with intricate design and colours. Another thing you can do is to use some clean floral patters or ornaments in animal designs. The colours of the furniture will be mainly red and yellow. However, that is only in the living room. In the bedroom the tones are more neural, like white, grey and cream. The patterns there are extremely simple and include only straight lines. This Eastern style may, at first glance, seem a strange interior design trend for the winter season, but it is actually quite suitable. The reason is that oriental colours and items establish an atmosphere that is very warming and relaxing.

Back to the 1920s

The so-called “period dramas” are presently gaining huge popularity in some countries like the UK, the US, Spain, Italy and Germany. As you may know, fashion designers from Europe are often the trend setters in the field of interior design. Therefore, this winter we are going back to the beginning of the 20th century. The 1920s glamorous style is back and that can mean only one thing – great sophistication and class! The living room couches will be covered with cushions made of plush and the main fabric will be velvet. The table in the dining room can now be dressed lavishly. In addition, among the regular decorating items will be some big candles in bold shades like silver, gold or teal. Everything will include lots of tiny details – from the big chandelier to the small door knob. The light in the rooms this winter should be kept dim and warm.

This winter season the trends in interior decoration will bring in our homes warmth, class and orientalism. However, remember to pick only one of the three winter interior decoration trends and not to mix them together!


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