Professional Wardrobe Defines an Attitude


How to Create the Perfect Professional Wardrobe

Looking good at your working place is important. It doesn’t matter where it is – office, outdoor or even at home. Professional wardrobe, proper clothes and accessories, can give you the confidence you need. In addition, with the right clothes you can look like true professional in your field. However, if you show up with some flashy, extravagant or boring outfits, you will achieve exactly the opposite effect.

In this article, we will try to help you build a professional wardrobe that can suit any type of occupation!

Don’t overspend

Often people think that in order to have a good collection of clothes and accessories for work, they need to spend lots of money. That, however, can be avoided if you know what you need. Actually, you’d be surprised how little you have to buy. First, find a jacket that fits you well. It shouldn’t look to small or too big on you. Then get a skirt or some pants to combine it with. But make sure you avoid jeans. They are too sporty and casual. Also, forget about the seven-inch high heels. Pick lower heels or flats. Otherwise, your feet will get easily tired and you’ll lose some of your work concentration. In terms of accessories, choose simplicity.

If you are on a shoestring budget in Dubai, Brands for Less is a shop you should consider exploring.

Don’t underspend

Don’t be fooled by the cheap shoes or outfits. Many of them will last only a couple of weeks and then you’ll need to go back right where you have started. Instead, buy something that has a good quality. Invest in quality and not in quantity. Marks & Spencer and Debenhams are popular department stores in Dubai for its reliable quality of goods.

Forget about the seasonal fashion trends

If you decide to change your work wardrobe every time a new fashion trend comes out, you’ll end up spending your entire salary on clothes. So, try to keep things classical and less extravagant.

A friend can help

When you go shopping, ask a friend to join you. In that way you will have an honest opinion and a helping hand. Shop assistants can give you many valuable advices. But at the end of the day, they just want to sell you something even if it doesn’t look that well on you.

Fake it, to make it

Don’t expect to get a confidence boost once you put on the “professional” outfit. An important part of the makeover is to feel in control and confident. However, remember that the line between self-confidence and arrogance is thin. Don’t become presumptuous!


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