Halloween Decorating Ideas



Make it cheap, different and unique

Halloween is only a few weeks away. This means that many houses will soon be covered in fake blood, webs and spiders. That may be fun for a children’s Halloween party, but it is not really pleasant to look at. In this article we will share Halloween decorating ideas for home use in a cheap and not so gruesome way!

Jack-o-Lantern Alternatives

In the last few years there is a tendency of replacing the pumpkin heads. Actually, some of these pumpkin alternatives are very cheap and easy to make. For example, you can use big plastic milk bottles or jars painted in various colours. Their look is interesting and different and they will surely be show-stoppers at your Halloween party! Just don’t forget to light them up and to draw some faces on them. In addition, do not stick only to frowning and scary faces. A smiling Halloween jar won’t hurt anyone!

Choose the Right Colours

The traditional Halloween colours are orange and black. However, if you are tired of the combination, change the orange with some bling! Get some silver or grey glitter and glue it on some of the decorations. In that way you will balance the colours and even make your home look both scary and stylish.

Think Autumn

Autumn is dark and gloomy just like Halloween. Therefore, it we be a good idea to combine them. Decorate your house with some organic elements like branches and foliage to create a feeling of a forest. If you have a yard, decorate the trees in it. Hang some paper bats, ghost and other Halloween symbols!

Recycle and Reuse

The best way to save some money is to use what you already got. Look around your house. See what you have and how you can use it. For example, you can build a great haunted house from some old newspapers and milk cartons. Just use come glue and draw a few windows and a door. To give it a more interesting touch you can add some spooky stones. Any stone can turn spooky. Find a dozen, paint them in a dark colours and write “Halloween” words on them like “boo”, “ghost”, “raven”…

You can also reuse some paper plates and make scary masks out of them. Cut holes for the eyes and give them to the children. They are always the best Halloween decorators!


Don’t forget to add some playful and spooky elements to your decoration. Create a ghost mirror by making ghosts out cling-vinyl. Then stick them onto your mirrors and scare the living daylights out of your family and friends!

You can also, create a feeling of ghostly presence by putting footprints and handprints made of contact paper. But don’t stick them only on the floor. Put them also on the walls and even the ceiling. A flying ghost is always scarier!


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