Interior Design Trends Fall 2012



 Like every year at about this time, we are reminded that the summer is soon to be replaced by the autumn. The weather changes, the vacation is long gone and stress is kicking back in. But that is not always bad news, because with every new season comes a new trend in interior design and decorating.

Fall 2012 interior design trends stands out with its mix of opposing and crazy decorating ideas, which until recently would have been “stigmatized” as ludicrous and lacking taste and style.

Bright Colours vs. Neutral Tones

No, this year the words “bright” and “neutral” are not in a competition with each other. Quite the opposite – they are in coalition. Yes, you heard it right! As every fall we have our usual suspects – gray, brown, beige… However, in 2012 they are kept company by some very bold fellows like grape royale, peacock blue, fiery red and even vibrant yellow. At first that may sound strange, but it actually looks pretty refreshing. As summer changes into fall, you may spice up thing a bit by introducing a blue chair or bright violet curtains to your old house interior. That would make the atmosphere more cheerful and it would energize you all the way through the autumn and why not even during the winter.

Modern vs. Traditional

This fall old-fashioned meets modern! We have classic elements, but with a bit of twist. This is great since now you don’t need to refurnish your home. You can keep the old chest from your bedroom, paint it in a bright colour and use it as a table in your living-room. Designers also propose to use an old create as a stylish toy chest. Simply scrape the rough bits off and, of course, paint it in bright colours. The more the better!

Cozy vs. Minimalistic

Like every fall we can still see some comfy cushions and blankets thrown carelessly around the room. These decorations always come in handy in the autumn. They are like old friends who are ready to comfort you and warm you when rain and cold come creeping in. However, minimalism seems to rule the floor. This trend in interior design, which was popular during the 60s and the 70s, is making a brave comeback. This fall it is simplicity above all.

Geometry and Strips

This is a great idea if you don’t have a large budget. Just put geometric figures and strips of molding everywhere, especially on the walls. And then combine them with vibrant paint colours. It is easy and fun like a children’s game. Just take a brush and a level surface and set your imagination free.

Don’t Forget Mother Nature!

Here’s a tip – use the gifts that Mother Nature has to offer to you. Take broken branches, foliage, fruit, nuts… and get to some DIY activity. Here are some things you can do:

1. Decorate a vase with some old branches and leaves. Put it on your mantelpiece. There they will create the warmth you need.

2. Make baskets with fruit. Set them on your dining table or living-room. Their freshness will freshen you up.

So, if you decide to redecorate your house, just remember to be innovative and bold as this fall’s trendy colours!


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