Google Launches Google for Entrepreneurs


Google for Entrepreneurs Week underway

This month is big for Google. First, the internet giant is celebrating its 14th birthday. Second, the corporation is launching a new global umbrella initiative called “Google for Entrepreneurs”. The program will also extend in Google’s own social network Google+. The new scheme will try to offer help to programs from all over the world which support young entrepreneurs.

With “Google for Entrepreneurs”, the company will try to provide three main things. First of all, Google will give starting entrepreneurs the support they need. In addition, they will be able to get advice from experts. That can happen either online or even in person.

The second goal of Google is to offer women and minorities programs that were specially developed for them. That is why the corporation recently teamed up with Women 2.0.

The third thing that Google is going to try to do is to make the program accessible for everyone. According to the company, entrepreneurs all over the world will have access to special and unique resources and services.

The new initiative largely relies on various Google tools, so entrepreneurs who want to participate in it will have to use some of Google products.

The online giant hosts right now the first Google for Entrepreneurs Week. It is expected that more than 3,000 entrepreneurs will participate in it. In addition, 13 countries will host a number of events for entrepreneurs. For that purpose, Google partnered with organizations from all around the world.

You may be wondering why Google is going into so much trouble to help entrepreneurs. Well, it’s simple. Because there are about 400 million entrepreneurs in 54 different countries on the globe. In addition, over 15% of them are just entering the entrepreneurship world. For Google that means a big audience for their services. Moreover, the corporation will have an insight and direct access to the best and most prosperous businesses out there. In other words, the giant will have a rich market of ideas and future business partners.

Google for Entrepreneurs is a free to join program with open access!

Google also shared that it excited about its entrepreneur programs in the Middle East. There, the local offices of the company have already found perfect conditions for development of technology and entrepreneurship.


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