Would you buy a Starbucks coffee machine for your home


Starbucks launches single-serve coffee maker

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Continuing its initiative into new lines of business, Starbucks is launching a single-cup coffee machine that will give consumers the opportunity to make their own lattes at home with real milk.

Howard Schultz, the chief executive of Starbucks said that there is no other single-cup machine that makes a latte with fresh milk just like the famous brand makes it in their stores.

The new machines are available as two models (one selling for $199 and one for $399) and in a variety of colors. They will go on sale later this month or in October.

By introducing the Verismo, Starbucks is attempting to capitalize on the popularity of single-cup coffee machines that use K-Cups, sealed plastic cups that contain ground coffee in a little filter. According to Jeff Hansberry, president for channel development and emerging brands at Starbucks, more than $8 billion of machines and cups were sold worldwide last year, and more than one in every three coffee machines sold is a single-cup machine. Mr. Hansberry noted that customers want convenience and great quality in their homes.

Starbucks has been working with Green Mountain Coffee, which made Starbucks-branded K-Cups for the chain. However, Starbucks will make its own coffee pods for Verismo, which will now be a competition to Green Mountain’s Keurig single-cup machines.

In the end, will Verismo be successful in Dubai? Most probably, the answer is yes since this coffee machine will allow people to make their favorite latte in their own home. The residents of Dubai are famous for the fact that they like to indulge themselves and they won’t miss that great opportunity!

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